About Us

Who Are We?

Seers is a one-stop-shop for data protection solutions that will help ensure your company complies fully with the GDPR. Our AI-assisted software will answer all of your questions related to the new regulations, and provide you with custom-tailored solutions to improve your data protection. Seers also offer a reviews-based marketplace where you can get in touch with data protection experts and ensure you are GDPR-ready...

What Do We Do?

Seers specialise in helping organisations become compliant with the new GDPR that came into effect on the 25th May 2018. The GDPR is transforming the way businesses handle consumer data, and the new regulations present an array of challenges to the small and medium enterprises (SME). Failure to comply may result in hefty fines and significantly increase your operational and financial risk, as well as hurt your company's reputation. As experts in data protection, we at Seers want to help you ensure your organisation is ready for when the GDPR rolls in, and guarantee full compliance with the new regulations.

Contrary to most companies that provide a basic, non-user-friendly advice, we aim to provide you with custom-tailored solutions that will not break the bank. Our AI-assisted software is specifically developed to offer effective solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises to help them become GDPR-ready.

The key to compliance with the new regulations is identifying where your customers' data may be susceptible to the violation. This can help your organisation develop effective solutions to correct the problem pro-actively, as well as assist you in monitoring it on an ongoing basis and keeping spotless documentation and records of your data protection measures. Instead of risking your company's reputation or funnelling money into an expensive advisor that may not provide you with the best solution, choose Seers and receive AI technology-driven solutions for free to help you optimise your data protection and ensure compliance with GDPR.

Our AI software can provide you with a full compliance audit in minutes, as well as generate extensive reports, recommendations, policy forms and templates to help you keep track of any data protection violations in the future. Keeping an audit trail will streamline your internal operations in addition to facilitating compliance with all the regulations introduced by the GDPR.

We at Seers understand compliance may be challenging, especially if you do not know where to begin which is why we have developed our state-of-the-art AI Chatbot. Our AI software can handle a huge influx of queries and answer your questions in a speedy and reliable way… absolutely free of charge. Our technology team is constantly working on improving our Chatbot to make your experience even more pleasant.

The Seers' user-friendly compliance package comes with an intuitive interface that will provide authorities, small- and medium-sized businesses and data protection professionals with reliable answers to any data protection queries, GDPR-related questions as well as advice on best practices and achieving compliance. In addition to our AI software, companies can source experienced data protection advisors through Seers' reviews-based marketplace and secure their services through our online platform. What's more, we can help you meet the DPO requirement of the GDPR (mandatory in certain situations) by helping you get in touch with experienced and reliable Data Protection Officers.


Why Choose Us

Seers is a One-stop shop for data protection solutions

FREE state-of-the-art software solutions assisted by Artificial Intelligence

AI chatbot for answering any query regarding data protection

The best data protection experts with a discounted fee.

A hiring platform for privacy professionals

Several assessment toolkits that generate reports and make recommendations.