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dpo working from home

Whether in-house, or the
occasional onsite visit, your trusted
DPO can work in house for as many
hours as required

dpo working remotely

Your trusted DPO will work remotely
to address your GDPR & ePrivacy
compliance issues, including the
occasional office visit

Seers dpo online work

Some clients just want to book a few
hours “online” to get the expert
advice, as and when they require it

With the Seers DPO service
you have total flexibility

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Why do you even
need a DPO?

If you’re handling sensitive or personal
data by law you will need to assign
a Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection
Officer should

  • Be independent, an expert in data
    protection, adequately resourced
    and report to the highest
    management level
  • Either be an existing employee or
    externally appointed
  • Inform & advise on the data
    protection obligations of an
Can we contract
out the role of the DPO?

  • An organisation can contract out
    the role of a DPO externally based
    on a service contract
  • An externally appointed DPO
    should have the same position,
    tasks and duties as an internally
    appointed one
  • In some cases, organisations can
    appoint a single DPO between them
Key responsibilities of a
Data Protection Officer include

  • Monitoring & providing advice to
    ensure compliance with GDPR &
    other data protection laws, policies,
    awareness-raising and audits
  • Acting as the contact point
    for the ICO
  • Providing advice regarding
    Data Protection Impact
    Assessment (DPIA) and
    monitoring the entire process

Outsource all the hassle by
outsourcing your DPO role to Seers

Seers DPO as a service - is a simple, cost effective and all-inclusive
data protection & ePrivacy service

DPO Key Benefits

120 experts to
choose from

With over 120 expert data protection
officers to choose from.
Now it's simple to become compliant

efficient & easy

Outsourcing the data protection
officer role to Seers is far cheaper
than hiring a full-time staff member

Highly qualified &
Experienced Experts

All of our DPOs are fully certified
GDPR practitioners, so you are
in safe hands!

Access to excellent
GDPR tools & guidance

All of our advisors and clients can
access our market leading data
protection and privacy management
solutions as well as our comprehensive
knowledge bank

Fully Flexible
Expert DPO Services

Seers DPOs are available on a one-off,
or as and when needed basis.

They are available to advise in-person,
online or over the phone.

Choose from over 120 expert DPOs


Protect your Business: Hire an outsourced
DPO & get GDPR compliant today!

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