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The path to the ideal GDPR e-Training and compliance awareness is complex and full of complications.
Companies under GDPR are required to retain a way for addressing regulatory challenges. In this way, they will be able to construct a GDPR implementation, execution and monitoring program.

To process data securely by using adequate technical and organisational measures, GDPR has given guidelines and consequences to companies for dealing with risks.

  • Article 5(1)(f) is concerned with the integrity, security, and confidentiality of personal information. In order to ensure that this principle is upheld, it is advised that staff handling data are trained.
  • Article 39, states that among the responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer is to ensure awareness and train staff involved with processing operations.
  • Article 47, outlines that where binding corporate rules are used to enable the international transfer of data, they are required to ensure that those that have regular access to personal data to be trained appropriately.

The e-Learning course

Data protection has become a top priority for organisations all around the globe, owing to the focus on international transfers under GDPR.

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Introducing the EU GDPR Awareness Course

The course of data protection is only designed to clear your understanding of the EU regulation approved to render citizens protection and more control over their personal data.

By taking the GDPR e-learning course, you can lead data protection enforcement across your organisation. Also, you will get to know regarding the individuals’ rights and the measures you can take to respond to data breaches effectively.

The GDPR e-learning course gives you the convenience of self-paced learning and enables you to meet developing compliance standards in data privacy.

The GDPR course will make you learn…

There are plenty of things which you will learn in this course. For example, the scope of GDPR will be more clarified along with some key terms mentioned in the data protection regulation.
The e-Learning course contains the fundamentals of GDPR, from the roles of regulatory authority to the requirements for safeguarding information from a data breach.
Topics which must be covered in the course:

  • Understanding EU GDPR data protection policies
  • Principles and basic concepts underlying GDPR
  • Key roles outlined in GDPR
  • Selecting and appointing Data Protection Officers
  • Rights of individuals
  • Overview of enforcement and compliance measures
  • Liabilities and penalties for non-complying organisations

The methodology of the course

The course contains a wide variety of training tools, for example, digital learning, tests, and other interactive exercises to increase theoretical knowledge delivery. The online course is easily accessible via your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Moreover, the course brings an opportunity for you to log in and learn no matter whenever and wherever.
The program’s cumulative duration is 60 minutes, right after it you will have a quiz. You must pass the quiz to receive your internationally recognised e-certificate with a unique ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the factors for which this GDPR e-Learning course is designed?

The GDPR e-Learning course is designed especially for:

  • IT & Information Security Managers
  • Risk managers and consultants
  • Privacy managers and consultants
  • Legal and compliance heads
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Individuals seeking to take up the role of DPO



2. Is there a GDPR certification?

It can be said that GDPR certification is the latest feature of GDPR law. It permits entities to receive Certification from approved and accredited certification bodies to manifest GDPR compliance to both the EU and consumers. The Certification can be scalable and different for organisations of differing sizes and types.

3. Is GDPR training mandatory?

Staff training is a legal obligation under GDPR, but still, there are many organisations which are at risk. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018 and was followed by the new Data Protection Act in the UK, implementing many of its aspects into national law ahead of Brexit.

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