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Joomla EU cookie plugin

If you use a Joomla Content Management System and website then you should really invest in the Seers extension or plugin. Whether you are a small business owner or you run a large business, several laws apply to you. Some of these laws are related to privacy management and they are strictly penalizable. For legal and compliance purposes, as well as for administrative ease you can invest in the Joomla EU Cookie Plugin. The Seers consent management toolkit is perfect for GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliance needs.

How does the Joomla EU cookie plugin work?

The Joomla cookie plugin can be installed on your main website. The integration is quick and simple. The Joomla EU cookie plugin must be given the access to work seamlessly. This can be a one time process. You can also revisit your settings from time to time when you run your overall web optics and audits. It can cut back on your need to check and monitor the privacy logs, consent process, and other processes by 95% as compared to when done manually.

What’s needed in the Cookie Plugin Joomla websites?

There are many levels of compliance. Basically the cookie law can be broken down into categories. These include creating adequate informational awareness, showing the nature of the use, and maintaining records. The awareness, disclosure, logging, and recording the cookie use can be a tedious task.

Another pivotal area is the way the consent for a cookie is maintained. The consent can be taken care of through an automated process that ensures compliance. There is absolutely no reasonable way to do it manually. The Joomla cookie directive plugin can same the time and effort of your developers, data privacy officers, and other employees.

Compliant Cookie Consent Management requires the prior consent to be collected at the first opportunity of the visitor landing on a website. This is a part of the GDPR article 5. The consent obtained should be explicit in nature according to Article 7 of the GDPR.

Some main benefits of the Joomla EU cookie plugin:

The Joomla EU cookie plugin can help you with maintaining your consent log as per the GDPR Article 30. It will also cover the need to manage the cookie table as per the PECR regulation 6 can also be managed with the cookies plugin. The cookie plugin Joomla is multi-language, offers use on multiple domains, help with geolocation, allows other flexible integrations as well and it is fully customizable.

You can also use Joomla cookie directive plugin as a GDPR compliant tool, it also works best for LGPD and CCPA compliance. The Joomla EU cookie plugin makes your life easier and your legal responsibility managed to a great extent.

Using the wrong tool for your consent management can be problematic if not placed properly or illegally obtained. It is possible to collect unlawful consent without knowing with other untrustworthy extensions. However, you are free to choose as you please. You need to look for the main requirements of the law as follows:

  • Listing all cookies
  • Maintaining a consent log
  • Giving the visitor the ultimate control over what they want to share
  • Allow the visitor to choose cookies
  • Display a banner
  • Preferably add a popup
  • Make it easy for the user to change their settings
  • Showcase your cookie policy
  • And make sure that none of this is done by misleading visitors

With the Seers toolkit you can take care of them:

  • Help needed with legal, complaint consent management.
  • Legally deal with or target citizens from the EU and UK
  • Make sure that your logged consent archive is admissible in court
  • Gain better visitor trust
  • Become legally allowed to collect analytics and other marketing intelligence reports
  • Take your website to international standards and competition levels

Here are some of the Elements that go into Effective Cookie Consent Management are:

  • Extracting explicit and active consent
  • Providing adequate information to enable well-informed consent
  • Allowing the user to opt-out when needed
  • Keeping the usage of the information clear
  • Maintaining an archive of consents given
  • Updating the consent database
  • Ensuring no bad cookies are present
  • Devising a clear-cut cookie policy

Other important aspects of a good cookie plugin:

You should also make sure that your website is not using any unethical strategies to obtain consent. This includes making sure that you are not using any illegal strategies prohibited by the law. It is not right or legal to ban visitors if they refuse to consent. That would be very unfair.

Rejecting the use of large, spammy consent popups is essential for aesthetic and user-friendly UIUX purposes. Making sure that this happens is not difficult or time taking. Especially when you have the right tool onboard.

It is your duty to make all of your consent management as user friendly as possible. Giving the visitor the ultimate control of their data is a legal requirement, you can do it easily without compromising on your site performance. This requires a little legal help and an intelligent tool. You will also need a well-drafted, comprehensive cookie policy that can be generated automatically with the Seers Policy Pack.

Unlike other plugins, the Seers Cookie Consent Management plugin helps you with legal work. It can be pivotal to your GDPR obligations and meeting them. You can not leave legal matters to luck and destiny. This is why an important and critical decision must be taken accordingly.

To help you with this crucial work, the plugin has been made in a super user-friendly and harmless manner. Instead of infecting your site with a likely virus you can use the protected plugin via Seers and get down with this huge chunk of your GDPR compliance needs.

The consent management tool kit or the Joomla EU Cookie Plugin will cover the following areas:

  • Obtaining lawful consent
  • Logging all obtained consents
  • Managing cookies on your visitor’s browsers
  • Updating the consent log as people opt-in and opt-out
  • Allow protection to the visitors from bad cookies
  • Help you identify and categorize all your cookies
  • Can help you remove your unwanted cookies
  • Give the visitor the freedom to choose as per the law
  • Ensure that your cookie consent archives are eligible in a court of law
  • Keeps you safe from a lot of legal fines

So whenever you are ready you can invest time in the installation or integration of the Seers Joomla EU plugin and ensure that your cookies are being dealt with legally.

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