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GDPR Assessment Cost

The GDPR assessment cost is an evaluation assessment for the new Data Privacy European Law. In this present day, companies are obliged to comply GDPR rules and so as assessment. There is a certain amount of everything in this world. It has been seen that certain aspects have a great impact on GDPR assessment costs. For example, the scope of the environment, nature of the collected data, size of the organization, number of geographic locations and data centers, the complexity of the IT infrastructure so on and so forth. Professional advisors have to be competent because there skills and experience values a lot in terms of GDPR assessment cost. One more advantage of skilled advisors is that they know how to meet requirements and cater to cost-effective approaches without sacrificing legal obligations. $10,000 is just an initial cost for the GDPR assessment project. The TrustNet team is well-known for serving cost-effective cybersecurity services for many years. The service is being provided to uncountable organizations and industries all around the world. Here, the question may arise, that how much it can cost you?

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As mentioned above, several aspects, like the size of your organization and volume of personal data, affects the cost of GDPR assessment. Certain steps and phases can be taken while assessing the GDPR process. Each step has a particular cost and time requirements. The GDPR assessment covers the data discovery process, customer GDPR privacy notifications, and training of employees.

Microsoft gdpr self-assessment is also a useful tool by Microsoft corporation.

The cost of assessment by following the stages

  1. Allocating a Data Protection Officer
    According to the law, there is no need for DPO for GDPR assessment. However, it would be beneficial for you to assign the charge of GDPR assessment to an internal employee or a team of employees. If you feel the need for a DPO, and hire a person with Data Protection Officer Expertise, it will cost you much more.
  2. Record of Processing Activities
    This step is the most meaningful one, here you need to map the flow of protected data within your organization. With the help of this inventory, you will be able to gauge processing activities, identify the reasons for processing personal data and the transfer of personal data to countries located outside of the EU. Categories and Data will raise the cost because larger data will increase the numbers. Whereas, the volume of low data will consume less time and money.
  3. Gap Assessment
    This step will solely deal with comparison amid current controls, policies, and procedures against GDPR control requirements. The initiative should be taken by asking—Do we have adequate policies and procedures in place address data subjects’ right defined in the GDPR?gdpr assessment cost
  4. Policies and Procedures
    Here, you will update and implement initial update initial and ongoing policies and procedures to address GDPR data protection requirements.
  5. Modify Processes
    To verify aspects like data life cycle and rights or data subjects, modification of processes is required for GDPR assessment.
  6. Train employees:
    To implement new controls about GDPR assessment cost, employee security training is imperative. By this, you will be safe from further toiling like hectic planning.
  7. Monitor compliance: You must assign an internal employee to supervise the assessment monitoring. It includes many departments like IT and Operations, Development, Marketing, Sales, etc. It comprises training employees, follow up of that training and the investment in the security technologies required for protection and honor data subject rights.

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