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Cyber Security is a term associated with any technology, process or procedure designed to protect online information and data from an attack or unauthorized access. Do you know Morris Worm or come across a DDoS? If so, that means you are aware of cybersecurity or certify some Cyber security courses. In any way, you must understand about cybersecurity courses and ways of protection for technical systems and devices. No matter, you do it with your interest or experienced a data hack.

Add to that fact that you may be considering a career change or recently left school, college or university and keen to follow a career in this industry. You will receive a welcome with open arms! Cyber security in the UK has grown in recent years to become a billion-pound industry. It continues to grow as the threat of attacks from ransomware, malware, phishing, hacking and DDoS increase at an alarming pace.

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Every single day we face thousands of worrying headlines and announcements detailing cyber-attacks, with devices and frequent invasions of systems due to security vulnerabilities and flaws and Ethical Hacking Course UK. Any device having internet can be targetted, be it a fitness device, webcam or even a car. They all carry the risk of being shut down due to a DDoS attack. Malicious armies of botnets such as Mirai, created by three college students looking for a Minecraft advantage, can wreak havoc and devastation. Personal data is vulnerable due to hackers, and regulators are pressurizing organisations to secure their systems or face financial penalties.

Hence, the reason why the UK has witnessed a recent and very urgent call to arms! Businesses in the UK are increasingly looking to build strong cybersecurity teams and incorporating cybersecurity as a part of its corporate responsibility, protecting their customers, staff, and stakeholders and, of course, their businesses.

Careers in Cyber Security

With an array of different roles on offer, a successfully qualified individual would be in demand in the following job roles after completing Cyber Security courses:

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Security Operations Centre Analyst
  • Software Security Officer
  • Security Administrator
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Web Developer
  • Cloud Security Officer

Annual salaries for trained cybersecurity experts are high, ranging from entry-level roles paying approximately £20,000 rising to over £100,000 for cybersecurity directors at high-ranking tech companies. However, to find a job in cybersecurity an individual would need relevant qualifications. Seers Group offers a fast track to get a foot on the ladder in this industry with our entry-level online cyber security courses, and the opportunity to progress and gain further qualifications down the line.
Our specifically developed accreditations match individuals within this industry requirement with key employers looking right now to fill a vast number of cybersecurity roles.
The cybersecurity courses are self-pacing allowing for flexibility with existing work or family commitments, and the opportunity to jump straight in as courses commences every second Tuesday of each month; the possibility to gain an entry-level qualification is viable within a matter of months. Once qualified at entry-level the following step into this exciting industry is smooth and the opportunities to work up the chain are so much more achievable once you have that foot in the door.

About the Cyber Security Courses

We offer accredited and approved cybersecurity courses in line with the UK awarding organisation Qualifi who are in turn, recognized by the UK Government body, Ofqual. Therefore, all our cybersecurity courses carry a formal accreditation status and meet the needs of the growing cybersecurity industry.

Seers are pleased to deliver our cybersecurity courses online providing great flexibility for individuals who have work or family commitments and would like to study in their own time and at their own pace. Courses include theory and practical studies with full access to research resources including pre-recorded materials, videos, websites, specialist books, journals, manuals, news articles, mentor guidance, information on International Standards and current legal and regulatory revisions.

There are also opportunities to attend networking events and seminars in the City of London to come face to face with businesses, police agencies and recruitment agencies.

Level 2 – Diploma Beginner Course – Business and Cybersecurity

Level 2 is a 20-week basic course for an introduction into cybersecurity and is composed in a modular structure as follows:

Module 1: Cyber Security: What is “Hacking”?
Module 2: Cyber Attack Methods
Module 3: Laws and Regulations
Module 4: Mobile Data
Module 5: Cyber Security Solutions

The cybersecurity course also covers basic EU GDPR training. Each module carried ten marks with each module requiring successful completion before moving onto the next.

Achieving successful completion of all five modules permits access to Level 3.

Level 3 – Cyber Security Management & Operations

Level 3 is a 24-week course targeted at an intermediate level, building upon previously gained technical foundations. Level 3 provides enhanced career progression together with cybersecurity risk management, IT competency and GDPR proficiency.
The six modules each carrying ten credits covered as follows:
Module 1: Threat & Risks

Module 2: Network Architecture, Communications, and Protocols

Module 3: Mobile Data Risks & IoT

Module 4: Investigations & Incident Response

Module 5: Future-Proofing Businesses

Module 6: EU GDPR & Data Security

At the successful conclusion of all modules, the candidate will receive the UK recognized, Ofqual regulated qualification, proving cybersecurity knowledge and competence.
Seers have close affiliations with innovative education solutions, training and accreditation companies based in the UK. Students receive training and support from subject matter academics, experts and practitioners with many years of relevant senior experience in data protection, information security and cybersecurity roles within the UK Government, police force and global cybersecurity business enterprises.
Our programs are exciting and business-focused, and they match theory with practice while also covering non-technical security considerations.

Seers Marketplace and Online Advisor Platform

The cybersecurity courses on offer at Seers Group can provide individuals with the necessary skills to forge a career pathway into this lucrative sector.

Take advantage of the Seers online platform where organisations can reach out to newly qualified cybersecurity professionals for online assistance. The opportunities are immense to become qualified and earn a good income almost immediately. Successfully qualified individuals have an automatic advantage to create their profile on the Seers’ advisor marketplace and benefit from Seers’ marketing to over 300,000 businesses. The platform provides SMEs with a centralized platform from which they can confidently hire skilled experts. Correspondingly, this will help to close the gap that exists currently in the workplace due to a shortage of cybersecurity employees.

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Seers’ accredited cyber security courses will provide a pathway for individuals to pursue their careers further and use these accreditations to advance their studies. For more information on our courses, and to learn how cybersecurity courses can create a brilliant new career, see more details at

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