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Make sure you are Cyber secure! Guard against the most common cyber threats and show your commitment to Cybersecurity

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Protect yourself from cyber attack

Discover realistically where you are at today and what preventative actions are needed. Use our step-by-step Self Assessment tools to discover what actions you need to take to protect your IT System and your vital data.

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Show clients that you are trustworthy and care about protecting their data. With a 100% score, you get to download a certificate proving cyber secure's best practice and compliance.

Get Cyber Secure

Are you vulnerable to Cyber attack? How secure is your data? Use the self-assessment questionnaire alongside an external vulnerability scan to test the security of your IT and Data systems.

Easy-Peasy Cyber Secur-itisy

Seers Self Assessment tools and expert recommendations make it super easy to safeguard your business in a flash

So which Cyber Secure option is the best fit for you?

Now you have two Cyber secure options available to choose from. "Cyber Secure" is best for protecting small businesses and "Cyber Secure Advanced", is for professional IT security officers and bigger Corporate IT Infrastructures.

Learn more below:

Cyber Secure Features

This is an easy to use Cyber Security Assessment that will give you peace of Mind.! our security experts will advise best practice and educate you about Cybersecurity.

You will discover:

  • The use of a firewall and how to set it up.
  • Test the effectiveness of your security system.
  • Whether you are choosing the most secure settings for your devices.
  • How to keep the software and systems up-to-date?
  • Who has access to your data?
  • Whether you are protected from hackers.

Cyber Secure will cover five modules of cyber security, which includes firewalls, the secure configuration of systems, managing user accounts and protection from malware and patch management.


Why choose cyber secure "Advanced" over Cyber Secure? In a nutshell: Cyber Secure Advanced is far more detailed and goes far deeper into IT Security.

Cyber Secure Advanced offers you:

  • Detailed analysis that covers more areas of I.T security and regulatory compliance.
  • Gives more insights for better preventive measures.
  • Covers GDPR information security ISO 27001.