The Easy Ways To Drive Traffic From Instagram

Instagram is a great medium for any website owner looking to increase their conversion rate. Its versatility and accessibility allow anyone to engage their target audience, but there are a few tips and tricks you should know to unlock the platform’s full potential. Here is what you can do to drive traffic from Instagram.

Story Teasers

There is an art to posting stories. As opposed to what people think, it’s not a simple point and shoot. Your story needs to have some characteristics in order for it to be effective. First of all, the content needs to be bite-sized. There is a reason why the one picture lasts for 7 seconds and the video for 15. Your stories also need to be incomplete. You don’t want the stories to satisfy your target audience. You want to give them just enough that they want more, and where do they get more? By visiting your account. Last but not least, you want your stories to provide an experience. If you can use a picture, don’t use text. If you can divide your main message over more than one segment without spreading it too thin, do that. It’s all about small and quick bursts of content that are just enough to pique interest.

Swipe Up Feature

The swipe-up feature is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic from your Instagram account to your website. It allows you to add a little button at the bottom of your story. When a user swipes up, they get redirected to your website. It simplifies the engagement process for the user which increases your chances of getting traffic. Keep in mind that the user won’t go out of their way to check out your website. There’s a limit to how much time they’re willing to invest. While the swipe-up feature solves that problem, not everyone can benefit from it. You either need to be verified or to have 10,000 real followers.


Those who can’t access the swipe-up feature put their links in their bio, and so do the ones who can access the feature! It’s the best way to rack up followers, generate buzz around your account, and get people to visit your website. But this means you need to drive traffic to your account first. Either way, the folks at Link In Bio explain that it’s as simple as using a bio link generator to create shortened URLs or embed a YouTube video of your choice. Once you do that, include all the links in your bio, and start working on directing people there through your stories and your post captions. As we’ve mentioned above, you need to keep your stories short and simple, and as we will explain below, you also need to keep your captions informative and engaging.

Utilize the Caption

We’ve seen all types of captions before, from motivational quotes to a couple of words accompanied by a plethora of indecipherable emojis. You must know by now that these have no effect on audiences. Sure, you’ll get some likes, but you’ll never get a visit to your account nor a highly sought-after save. In order to get those, you need a caption that is of value to your audience. While stories work best as teasers, posts should be more satisfying. Not fully, of course, but on their own, they should pack enough value. Whether it’s a tip, technique, story, call to action, or a question, it should be something that hooks your audience in the beginning and leaves them wanting more in the end.


If you haven’t been noting which of your stories gets the most conversions and interactions, it’s highly recommended that you start doing so starting now. Aside from learning from your previous successes, you should be keeping the good stories in your highlights. Picture a new follower-to-be still checking out your account. How do you keep them interested? With your best stories categorized according to the type of content you create. Highlights also play a big role when it comes to product marketing. Every time you market a product through a story, you can add it to your highlights, immortalizing it for the newcomers and those who missed their 24-hour story window. That way, you can guarantee a steady stream of visitors to your website.

Along with the previously mentioned methods, you’re encouraged to sift through your profile and analyze the performance of your previous posts and stories. Try to learn as much as you can from your failures and successes. If you have a favorite account, analyze the techniques they use to generate views. Directing traffic from your Instagram account to your website is a simple task. All it takes is some trial and error.

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