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Privacy Updates This Week


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It seems like last week was tough for the tech world as a series of data breaches continue. After Facebook, LinkedIn and Clubhouse went through major privacy breaches resulting in swathes of personal data leaked. 

It seems like we need unified and universal data protection laws more than ever. Plus, big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon now have to watch their back as a new UK regulator has emerged to curb them. However, in the latest turn of events, data privacy activist Max Schrems accuses Google of illegally tracking Android users. And lastly, is the UK  creating a “super database”? 

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Top‌ ‌Stories‌ ‌and Updates

LinkedIn data breach exposes data of 500 million subscribers

Social media owned by LinkedIn faced massive data breach with the data of 500 million users breached. The leaked data is present online for sale, including email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information, IDs, etc. Read more here.

1.3 million Users records leak as a result of Clubhouse data breach, but CEO denies

After LinkedIn and Facebook, it seems like Clubhouse also failed to escape the data breach releasing data of 1.3 million users. Including personal emails, and IDs etc. However, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison rejected the reports of a breach in his recent statement. Read more here.

Big Teach powers face new UK regulator

Facebook, Google, and Amazon have new UK regulator to curb them. The Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will first look to create new codes of conduct for the per se mentioned teach companies and their relationship with advertisers and content providers. . Read more here.

Privacy Activists Max Schrems accuses Google of illegally tracking Android users

Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems recently has filed a complaint against tech giant Google in France for illegally tracking users on Android phones without their consent. Here Android phones create unique advertising codes matching Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), allowing Google and other third parties to track the users’ browsing behaviour for target advertising. Read more here.

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UK government creating “Super Data Base.”

UK’s Data Services and Analytics Unit, which is part of the Home Office’s Digital Data Technology department, holds 650 million people under age 13. Many privacy enthusiasts are criticising the government move. However, some critics say the government is creating a “super database”, WIRED reported. Read more here.

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week