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Privacy Updates This Week


Indeed a tough week for the privacy world as popular video sharing platform Tik Tok gets sued over the children data breach. 

Whilst, the privacy feud between Facebook and Apple rocks silicon valley as Apple rolls its novellus privacy changes.  

Yet amidst this all chaos, pleasing news came from the US, where Florida finally passes its consumer privacy bill.

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Top Stories and Updates

Tik Tok sued in the UK over children data breach:

Tik Tok faces a fine of billions of pounds for misusing children’s private data in the UK. The suit is filed by former UK Commissioner for Children Anne Longfield on behalf of millions of children in the EU and the UK who are users or have used Tik Tok. Read more here.

Apple rolling its big privacy changes:

Tech giant Apple said it would roll out its much-awaited iOS 14.5 software. It’ll feature the ability to unlock your device without taking off a mask when using an Apple Watch, a major data privacy change. Read more here.

Apple vs Facebook privacy feud:

The rift between Apple and Facebook intensified because of new privacy features introduced to iPhones and iPads last week. Per se feature allows user to reject the data collection process. Facebook, however, has been put in to spin by this step because of its business model, which mainly depends upon user data. Read more here.

Google FLoC Opt-out debacle garners criticism:

Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) has become part of heated debate as advertisers are criticising it for not having an easy opt-out option for consumers if they do not want personalised advertisement. Read more here

Florida approves the consumer privacy bill:

After Virginia, Florida resoundingly approves the consumer privacy bill, allowing the public to have ownership of their personal data collected by companies. It also ensures other rights like sue companies in case of mishandling of user’s information by companies. Read more here.

EU watchdog urges on facial recognition because of privacy concerns.

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) says that Facial recognition should be banned in Europe because of its “deep and non-democratic intrusion” into people’s private lives. Read more here.

“Scrap Instagram for kids project Zuckerberg”:

Many associations have called Mark Zuckerberg, founder-owner of Facebook and Instagram, to halt the development of an app similar to Instagram but aimed at children under 13. Read more here.

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week