Privacy Updates This Week

The first week of June seems to be making quite striking headlines regarding data protection and privacy news as the Conservative Party gets fined by ICO. The Schrems makes quite an entrance by going after the websites having non-compliant cookie banners.

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Top Stories and Updates

Conservative party fined  £10,000 by  ICO for sending unlawful emails:

Information Commissioner Office (ICO ) fines UK’s ruling conservative party £10,000 for violating GDPR and sending unwanted marketing emails. The 51 recipients registered the complaint sent in the name of Boris Johnson, the prime minister. Read more here

Privacy group online targets websites with “cookie banner terror”:

An organisation headed by Max Schrems (well-known privacy activist) Noyb ( Non of your Business) is targeting the companies which it opines, deliberately making it hard for users to opt-out of tracking cookies. Read more here

Whatsapp flip-flopping on privacy policy? 

After receiving scathing criticism and changing dates for the promulgation of the privacy policy, WhatsApp has diverted from its stance again by saying that Whatsapp would not limit the capabilities of users who disagree with the new privacy terms for now. Read more here

For safe transference of information European Commission adopts new tools:

The European Commission has adopted two sets of contractual clauses. The one clause is about exchanging personal data to third countries and the second one for use between processors and controllers. Read more here

EDPS has opened investigations against the government use of US cloud services:

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has initiated investigations into government institutions using cloud services, Microsoft Web Services and Amazon. The investigations are for checking compliance with EU privacy law. 

The investigations come after the Snowden revelations and “Schrems rulings”. Read more here

GDPR fines hit 300 million Euros in last three years:

Recently Atlas VPN findings report the cumulative sum of GDPR fines. Over the past three years, the fine reached €283,673,083 due to a total of 648 penalties. Read more here

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week