CCPA Cookie Consent and Sale of Data

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Marketing to Customers in California?

Effective January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
introduces new data privacy rights for California residents .

If visitors to your website are based in California, then under the (CCPA) you are required
by law to provide them with a way to opt-out of the “sale of their data”.

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Here's what the CCPA Law says


Become CCPA compliant & protect yourself
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Seers helps organizations of all sizes to comply with CCPA with our purpose-built
Opt Out banner and professional Data Protection services.

Streamline your ability to manage and respond to consumer rights
and Opt-Out or "Do Not Sell requests"

CCPA Cookie Consent: Key benefits

  • Quick & simple way to produce a CCPA compliant Cookie & Sale of Data Opt-Out banner
  • Provides the opt-out option immediately upon arrival on the website
  • Also covers cookies and third party tracking
  • Designed with CCPA in mind
  • Ensure your compliance with the new CCPA and GDPR laws
  • Stop data going to third parties for marketing and advertising - without user consent

Protect yourself. Don’t get sued. The fines are huge!

With the Seers CCPA Opt-Out Banner, you get a reliable way of tracking consent for the
sale of data to third parties from your website.

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Use the Seers CCPA opt-out banner to obtain and link to our Privacy Policy crafted by legal experts to ensure that you are CCPA compliant.

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Get fully compliant quickly and protect yourself from fines by ensuring that you are CCPA compliant.

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