Quick cookie audit

If you are looking to get a quick cookie audit then here you go. The Seers cookie audit is the quick and effective kind that you have been missing till now. This audit is a great way to run all your cookies through a scan and test your risk factors. This can help you decide if your cookie policy needs more refining. The cookie audit helps in eliminating the risks of non-compliance.

Cookie audit for websites

Cookie audit for websites is a great way to run all your cookies present on your website into a scan to figure out any policy loopholes. If you are familiar with the way cookies work you would understand the fact that there are thousands of web cookies. These cookies cannot be checked manually. This is an extra responsibility and a very tedious menial task for any employee to have to conduct. This is where a cookie audit can help. 

The cookie audit for your website will run your cookies against the set of defined cookies in a database. The Seers cookie database contains thousands of cookies. So, essentially, you can narrow down the ones you are using and then create the possible policy draft for them. 

In addition to this, any cookies that you may have created for your website can be taken care of with the input settings within our policy generator. The Seers cookie audit for websites is a quick and effective way to collect, scan and explore your cookies. This can save time and effort.

Cookie audit benefits

If you are still wondering why do you need a cookie audit then here are the benefits for your business:

  • Time-saving by automatically comparing used cookies with identified cookies from the database
  • Allows GDPR compliant prompts to help you create a policy that is compliant   
  • Does not require your staff to do the tedious task of auditing themselves
  • Helps in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better comprehension
Effective and has one of the biggest databases
Scans and automates a great chunk of your policy mapping


The Cookie Audit tool can help in automatically resolving your initial hurdles to a properly functioning cookie policy. If you want to begin compliance as soon as possible then you can use the Cookie Scan Tool by Seers, and get things in motion for improved compliance right after.


What is a cookie audit?  

A cookie audit is a way to analyze and scan your website for possible GDPR non-compliance. This can help in gauging whether you need a different compliance cookie policy or whether you are on the right track. You can use this audit to ensure compliance with GDPR law in an automated way. The comparison or scan does not have to be manual, this is why the Seers cookie audit helps in eliminating the manual tediousness. 

How do you know if your website uses cookies?  

You can scan your whole website with cookie audit tools such as the one offered by Seers. This can help in ensuring that all your cookies that need to be adjusted or mentioned in the cookie policy are being showcased in the right way. You can use the tool to scan for cookies automatically from our well-populated database of cookies.

Does every website need a cookie policy?  

Every website looking to work in the EU and many other regions of the world that have strong data protection laws need to have a cookie policy. This can be created using the cookie policy generator by Seers. It is automatic and useful for policy creation. 

How do you comply with cookie law?  

You can comply with the cookie law by fulfilling the following steps:

  • Perform a cookie audit
  • Get a cookie banner
  • Create a cookie policy
  • Choose to display a cookie popup