Cookie Audit Free

Cookie audit free

The initial cookie audit free tool helps in locating and sifting through the areas of the site that require grooming in terms of the GDPR. The GDPR compliance can be made easy if you do things automatically. This is why Seers developed a helpful toolkit. Getting the cookie audit free is easy with the trial option.

Our tools are able to help you in a swift and fancy manner that can help in saving time and energy. You can find out more about their features here. We have the honest pros and cons listed for you:


  • Fast and efficient
  • Better than leaving it to humans
  • Artificial intelligence and effective results


  • Might make your team lazy

Not identifying all of your cookies can result in a legal failure and non-compliance risks.

Protect yourself from these risks with the GDPR Cookie Audit Free of cost in the trial period. We leave you with no excuse to not comply with the Cookie law or GDPR guidelines. This is going to save you effort and help you to adequately meet your legal obligations.  This is very easy to perform. Even if you do not have a background in cookie development and similar technology usage then you can use this tool and resolve the issues on your own. 

Identifying the cookies can be a major step in obtaining comprehensive and complete consent from the visitors. This is not as complicated as it sounds. Plus, this is a great way to stay protected from the monetary fines and legal implications of defying the law. Organisations that ignore these requirements often fall prey to heavy fines and legal 

We try to eliminate all the barriers to complete compliance. Now the ball is in your court. If you are looking to develop a fully compliant roadmap then you can head to the GDPR Cookie Audit tool and figure out a lot of ways to achieve that.

GDPR Cookie Audit