Cookie Audit GDPR

Cookie Audit GDPR

Through the Cookie Audit, GDPR guidelines can be met. This is an artificial intelligence loaded way to grapple with cookie requirements. The cookies on your website may be harmful. They may cause a risk to your compliance levels. This is because not all cookies are accounted for. If you are not aware of the cookies you are using then you are likely to mess up. What this means is that if you do not know which cookies you are using, then how will you gain consent for their usage? In order to acquire consent, you must first analyze your cookies and then seek permission for their use. 

Every website uses a multitude of cookies and the problem is bigger than that. The cookies in the world range to a million of various kinds. Knowing which ones you are using and listing them can be a tedious task. Our database is able to break it down into smaller sections and it then improves the kind of time and energy taken in doing this job. This task is a prerequisite for adequate cookie management. 

The cookie audit GDPR requirements can be met through our tool. This is an eccentric way to enable a quick scan that saves time, energy and resource. Plus, this is very easy to do even for those who do not have a background in the cookie and similar technology usage or development. 

Our cookie databases are one of the world’s largest ones. This is because our databases use, identify and understand most of the cookies. We understand that GDPR cookies compliance is a big task. This can be broken into several smaller and even smaller tasks. Cookie Audit GDPR wise is only a small chunk of the major requirements. If you are to spend a lot of time on it the rest of the compliance efforts required by you may suffer a great deal. This is why you need something apt, creative and automatic. 

One of the best things about the Cookie Audit GDPR tool is that it is going to help you give the right direction towards being as comprehensive as possible with the cookies you use

The cookies identified can be narrowed down instantly. What will be left can be taken care of your developer real quick. This is because some cookies and similar technologies are created specifically for your needs. Your developer may be able to identify those set of cookies. The final input can help in making this otherwise complicated task a very simple and organised one. 

Benefits of a Cookie Audit GDPR Based:

  • Enable a comprehensive cookie policy
  • Identify all useful and shady cookies you use
  • Mark the ones that may be causing harm to your organisation so you can rectify them

If you are looking for a free cookie audit then you can use the following tool for your needs. No business should be restricted from the use or access to the cookie audit. This allows you to comply without the risks of non-compliance and legal fines or penalties.

Cookie Audit Free Tool