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California Consumer Privacy Act is the most stringent
privacy law in California and will take effect
from 1st January 2020.

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3 Easy Steps to Cookie Compliance

Scan your website

Quickly discover which cookies are deployed on your website & identify compliance risks

Setup Cookie Consent Banner

Create CCPA compliant Cookie Consent Banner & Cookie Policy

Periodic scan and update

Set up periodical website scans and update cookies' information automatically

Cookie Audit is the first easy step to make your
website compliant with CCPA

Free Cookie Audit

The CCPA grants the consumer
"the right to request the disclosure of specific pieces of
personal information the business has collected".

Simply enter your domain URL and email below to scan your website and declare the cookies.

Provide opt-out from the sale of cookie data

CCPA requires that you stop selling consumer data to third parties. Do Not Sell My Personal Information is one of the rights that consumers now have regarding their personal information. You also have to be GDPR compliant if you have visitors from the EU. Seers Cookie Consent provides geolocation preferences and granular consent options for EU visitors.

1. Scan your websites Cookies

Use our Cookie Audit tool to scan your website to discover which Cookies you currently have installed & asses risk.

2. Update your cookie policy according to CCPA

  • A description of the rights on how to exercise these rights.
  • List of categories of personal information that your website collects.
  • This list must be updated every 12 months.

Seers cookie consent provides an easy-to-setup cookie policy to declare necessary information and avoid legal prosecution.

3. Customized Cookie Consent Banner

Customize your consent banner according to your website theme, consent mode and territorial preferences. You have full control.

4. Easy implementation with Javascript

Implement the Seers Cookie Consent solution with easy-to-install javascript. Once installed, this script will automatically update your cookie policy every time you make changes in cookies or add new cookies.

Periodic website scan and policy update

Seers Cookie Consent will periodically scan your website for changes and new cookies deployed. This will automatically update your cookie declaration instantly.

I am using the Seers Cookie Audit and found it valuable and reliable. It’s good to feel safe from prosecution.

- Mike Smithson

Manage multiple domains with one

Set up and scan multiple domains and subdomains with one account. You can also enable "bulk consent".

The Quickest, easiest way to make
your website CCPA compliant

Set it. And forget it.
Our Automatic 100% legal Cookie Policy documentation will have you compliant in no time.

Set up & run in seconds with just a tiny JS code

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