Comply with GDPR cookie consent standards through tools of your choice such as a cookie banner, cookie popup, and wordpress cookie plugin. GDPR cookies play an important role in the visitor’s privacy management. We have the perfect tool-kit developed for this purpose.

3 steps to cookie consent compliance

  • Identify where you need cookie consent
  • Install the cookie banner or generate a cookie popup
  • Update your cookie consent automatically

All you need to deliver in accordance with the GDPR cookie consent requirements: one simple JS code.

Seers satisfies cookie consent standards for the following integration platforms seamlessly among others:

How to choose between cookie banner vs. cookie popup?

Cookie banner refers to the web banner that should alert your visitor about your cookie usage. This will work on two essential levels. One, it enables the creation of trust between you and your visitor. Second, it extracts the consent required for you and the visitor to move forward with the exchange of information use of the website.

The cookie banner will help your visitor in exploring your cookie consent policy in greater detail if required. It can also act as a quick solution to ensure compliance under GDPR with cookie law.

The cookie popup is another configuration of the same tool. You can enable the popup to add greater awareness about cookie usage. It is a bold representation of the same sentiment towards the satisfaction of GDPR cookies. The cookie popup also helps in extracting the GDPR cookie consent in a seamless and effective manner.

The decision really depends on the amount of attention your visitors are willing to spend on understanding the nature of your cookie usage. It also depends on the geographic territory your website is targeting.

Seers also specialize in collecting wordpress cookie consent.

About Seers cookie management

Cookie consent can be obtained in a well-informed, effortless and thoughtful manner with the help of the tools developed by Seers. Our cookie management tool kit is just one of the many data protection and privacy management tools we have developed.

Seers is the UK's leading data protection and privacy management platform. It manages privacy for companies with a massive global and local footprint. We meet the standards set for companies and websites in the UK, Europe, and the US.

Our comprehensive solutions and friendly experts enable a smooth implementation of the GDPR cookies among other policy requirements that protect both website owners and their visitors. We successfully alleviate the risks of non-compliance with privacy standards. Products by Seers meet GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, cybersecurity and information security requirements.

Furthermore, you can manage your wordpress cookie consent with our tools as well. The wordpress cookies plugin is simple to use and easy to install.

Pros: Cons:
Helps in covering relevant aspects of a high-quality consent banner You will also need a detailed cookie consent policy to support your banner
Allows in improved compliance
Helps in keeping track of consent and creating better awareness on the subjects for your site visitors


The Seers Cookie Consent Solutions and the Cookie Consent Banner Generator by Seers are great ways to curb the bad cookies and help prepare a health consent extraction procedure for the everyday functioning of the business. This may limit any disputes and legal issues as well.


What is cookie consent?

Under GDPR law, other privacy legislations and most privacy institutions, every website is required to meet cookie policies. These insist on extracting the consent of the visitors before using cookies on their systems.

Do I need cookie consent?

Every user has the right to first consent to the cookies being used to process their personal data. This necessitates both websites and visitors to promote a culture of being informed and consenting to the usage of cookies. This is essentially an extension of your right to privacy in the cyber world.There is an easy wordpress cookies plugin that can be used to obtain consent should you need it.

Does GDPR require cookie consent? 

In order to comply with the GDPR requirements, each website has to obtain cookie consent. The GDPR requires users to be able to consent in a fully informed way. It also requires the websites to make it easier for visitors to withdraw their consent. This is an extension of the liberty to define private boundaries. The liberty is to be enjoyed by every individual as per the GDPR law.

Does EU cookie law apply to US websites?

The EU passed an ePrivacy Directive in 2009. According to the ePrivacy Directive 2009 states that websites cannot use cookies without first running it by the users. Only shall the user’s consent to it, can they be used. The directive, however, does not apply to the US outside of the US’s own legislation.

Why do websites keep asking me for cookie consent?

Websites need to acquire your consent on being okay with storing small cookies or files on your browser. They need to seek your consent as per the regulations set by GDPR law, other privacy regulations, many international institutions, pressure groups and privacy-lobbies. Thus, every website asks you about whether you want to consent to the use of cookies or not.Some of these may have the Seers wordpress cookies plugin in place to help them obtain the consent they require to function properly.

Are cookies considered personal data? 

Cookies are considered to be the personal data of the online identifier or the individual using the internet. This means that the information withdrawn or collected by the cookies may be used for marketing, analytical and sometimes unknown research purposes. So it is best that the data being extracted is being treated as sensitive information. This also urges you to only allow trustworthy sites access to this data.

Do you need a cookie banner?

In the EU, websites that use cookies without cookie banners can be fined, and penalized for their carelessness under the GDPR law. Similarly, laws and precedents exist around the globe that make the use of cookies illegal by the law without consent such as CCPA in the US.

What is cookie compliance?

Cookie compliance standards require each website to outline the use of each and every cookie that s used. This includes the purpose, process and disposal practices defined for the cookie data. Any website looking to be cookie compliant must allow the cookie usage to be safe and transparent. This should help in making the consent fully informed.

Do you need cookie consent for google analytics?

Yes, the use of google analytics requires cookie consent. This is because the use of the integration shall lead to the usage of cookies. The cookies extract data based on parameters that are relevant to google analytics. These can be outside of why the user intended to visit the website in the first place. Thus, the usage must be permitted by the site visitor.

What happens if you don’t accept cookie warnings?

It is a user’s legal right to enjoy the protection of their privacy in the way that they see fit. Should a user refuse the use of cookies it should be allowed to do so. At the core of the GDPR cookies, it is essential that the decision lies with the visitor or user of the internet to make the choice. Not wanting to accept cookies is okay. However, it may mean that some features of a website cannot function as they would have with the cookies enabled.

Why do sites have cookie warnings?

Sites have warnings related to cookie usage as an effort to enhance awareness on the use of cookies by their websites. The visitor must know and be fully informed on the subject according to global regulations. Cyber protection laws make it compulsory for sites to show these warnings with respect to the principle of privacy.