Cookie Policy and GDPR

Cookie Policy and GDPR

Do you need to establish your cookie policy and GDPR law-based rules for your organisation? It is easy to do so with Seers.

The Cookie Policy and GDPR understanding come with a GDPR Cookie policy generator. Once you start to generate a policy officially, you will be able to understand smaller details and complications in the cookie law. Cookie Policy and GDPR compliance go hand in hand. While this is an integral part of following the GDPR through your website standards, it is not the only requirement of the GDPR however. 

The Cookie Policy and GDPR Compliance both can be ensured through simple and easy to use tools that we have developed with the help of field experts, legal experts and EU specialists. The cookie policy will be a part of your cookie compliance, this means that you may be required to do more than just define a policy in order to comply fully. This includes adding a web banner related to your cookie use, in order to obtain consent. And adding a cookie popup or a cookie notice. All of these are small steps to overall compliance. 

You will also need to make sure that your policy is not out of date and reviewed as timely as changes are made to your website. Any change in cookies or in the use of similar technologies on your website should reflect in the changes in the cookie policy. This is why many organisations try to automate this process. The Seers Cookie Policy will help you through artificial intelligence to get through a compliant cookie policy and GDPR synced cookie notices. This saves resources and helps in crafting a comprehensive policy.

You can learn more about creating and implementing a cookie policy notice here:

Cookie Policy Notice