Cookie Policy Banner

Cookie Policy Banner

Do you need a cookie policy banner for your website but not sure how to do it? There are several important parts of creating the right banner for your website. And this requires you to be able to devise a helpful, clean and positive cookie policy that improves the user experience and helps in legal compliance. So what does all of this mean? 

This means that your cookie policy banner has to be comprehensive, informative and useful; to the visitor. Reading it should be easy. Being able to provide consent to the use should be easier as well. The banner should be brief and yet if the visitor wishes to find more information, that should be easy and simple. 

But, how do you achieve all of this with one all web banner? The web banner has to have a link to the overall cookie policy. The cookie policy is a detailed document. This can be generated using the Seers tool kit for GDPR compliance as well. Then, the Cookie Policy Banner has to be brief, but clear. 

Furthermore, the creation of the cookie policy banner has to be done in a legally compliant manner. The consent should not be obtained through scamming or manipulating the visitor. This will breach their rights to informed consent as well as the freedom to choose. The banner should provide clarity and simplicity. In order to do this in a fully useful manner, you can use our artificial intelligence loaded tool and that will give you ease and help during the development and installation of the banner. You need to place this policy at a visible place on your website. 

Lastly, if you need a Free GDPR Cookie Policy Template and you need it now, you should head on to the following link:

Free GDPR Cookie Policy Template