Cookie policy UK law

Cookie policy UK law

Looking to understand the Cookie Policy UK Law? Here is the crux of it. According to the Cookie Policy UK Law, all organisations and website owners are required to meet the following legal requirements. 

  • You must obtain the consent of the visitors for the cookies that you intend to use
  • The cookies must not obtain any unnecessary data
  • You must clarify the various kinds of cookies you use while obtaining consent
  • The visitors must have the right to say no and refuse the use of cookies on them
  • They may choose selective cookies to work on them
  • A visitor may read the cookies in detail before consenting to its usage
  • There must be a detailed cookie policy on your website
  • The cookie use must be clear and optional
  • You must showcase a web banner or a pop up to create adequate awareness about your cookie use

While these are just some of the requirements for the cookie law, there may be more. In order to fully comply with the Cookie Policy UK Law and to fulfil the GDPR requirements for your business, you must devise a proper policy roadmap that begins with an audit. 

The benefits of following the Cookie Policy UK Law are:

  • Complete compliance with the law as far as cookie policy is concerned
  • The cookie policy can help in obtaining consent in a clear and helpful manner
  • Allows improved trust between the visitors and the website
  • Helps in limiting the liability to your business

How to use the Cookie Policy UK Law Template:

You do not need to go anywhere looking for a Cookie Policy UK Law Template. You can simply get this done with our template. We at Seers have developed a cookie policy generator that works for all organisations. You can customize it for your business and that will help you in achieving a compliant cookie policy.

The cookie policy generator allows you to get to the compliance of all relevant GDPR cookie standards to your website. Non-compliance comes with risks and a price tag. You can protect your website with our template in a quick and simple way. One of the best things about using the Cookie Policy UK Law Template is that it is GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, cybersecurity and information security compliant. You can use this to match your needs.

Consequences of not following the Cookie Policy UK Law:

Failure to comply can result in a lot of problems. There may be heavy fines, public humiliation and legal repercussions of not following the Cookie Policy Law.

If you are looking to comply with the Cookie Policy UK Law and GDPR requirements, then you may sign up for the Seers Toolkit. This makes compliance easier. It will set out to solve half of your matters by providing automated artificial intelligence-powered results. 

Seers Cookie Policy UK Law Template

If you would like to know more about the Cookie Policy and GDPR laws then you may refer to the following link.

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