A cookie policy generator is a simple tool designed to create a compliant and effective cookie policy. You can outline and define the way your website uses cookies and obtain consent. The cookie policy template is a quick solution to a complex problem.

The cookie consent management process

  • Start with a cookie audit.
  • Create a cookie banner and popup installations, try policy generation.
  • Get yourself a system for regular updates and automation.

The cookie notice is one of the main ingredients of the cookie consent management process.

The policy generator can help you work on a policy that works for your website. Remember that every website works in a unique fashion. This is why you need a tool that works for your website. You can use this cookie policy template to work on yours now.

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About your cookie policy template:

There is absolutely no need to waste your time looking for a template. This is going to be like searching for a lost needle in a tonne of hay. This is why at Seers we came up with a cookie policy generator that works for all businesses. It will adapt to your business and cover all aspects of compliant cookie policy.

The cookie policy generator enables easy implementation of the GDPR cookie standards. Get rid of any threats of non-compliance for your website. Cookie policy generator offered by Seers meets GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, cybersecurity and information security requirements.

Quick and effective It needs honest and clear input from you
Simple to use
Cheaper than legal services and hiring experts


If you are in need of a cookie policy generator or a cookie policy template then let Seers help. This is just going to save you a lot of time and effort. It will help you devise a cookie policy effectively and efficiently.


What is a cookie policy?

The cookie policy is a cookie notice. This outlines your usage of cookies or files that are stored on the visitor’s browsers. The data in these files are based on the visitor or user’s activity, so it is considered private. You need to outline and define how and where you are using these files. This is to be stated in a cookie notice or a policy.

What is a privacy policy link?

The privacy policy link is a way to communicate with your audience. This tells the visitors on your website how you manage your cookies as a website. It shares the kind of usage, the purpose and the management process. The visitors hereby can read and understand the cookie management process that you undertake to safeguard their privacy rights.

Do I need a cookie policy on my website?

Under the standards set by GDPR, EU Directive 2009 and cybersecurity laws in most countries, it is essential to have a cookie policy on your website.

How do you generate a privacy policy for my website?

All you need to create a cookie policy based on the usage of your website is a cookie policy template. You can update it as per changes and advancements on your website and allow this privacy policy to be shared with those who may be concerned.

How do you create a cookie policy?

A cookie policy can be created in a smart and efficient way with a cookie policy generator. There is no need to look into the laws that are usually beyond our field of expertise. This is because Seers has developed a legally, ethically and technologically sound cookie policy generator. This should help you fulfil your duty as per GDPR standards.

What is a cookie statement?

A cookie statement states the usage and the management of cookies that your website deals with. The visitor has the right to accept or decline the use of cookies and to set their preferences as to the types of cookies that they allow the website to process. This is a requirement under GDPR law.

What should a cookie policy contain?

The cookie policy should outline the kind of cookies you use. This demonstrates the usage, purpose and the nature of cookies that your website is likely to install on a user’s browser. The cookie policy template can help you accomplish a comprehensive policy effortlessly that complies with GDPR law.

How do I add cookie messages on my website?

All you need to do to show a cookie notice on your website is to install a cookie policy. You can use the Seers cookie policy generator to do so. This is simple and it will give a message that matches all GDPR requirements and best practices.

Is a cookie policy required?

Outlining and sharing your cookie policy is mandatory for websites operating in most parts of the world under the GDPR, CCPA and other data protection regulations. This is certainly not a choice when it comes to cybersecurity. It must be defined and created in a true and clear manner. It should be seen as an effort to promote the trust harbouring among your visitor and you.

What happens when I agree to cookies?

Agreeing to the cookie policy is an informed choice. Agreeing allows the website to continue the cookie usage without any reservations from your side. This can help the website customize your user experience and make usage user-friendly. You should only allow “necessary” cookies that are required for the effective functioning of the website.