Data Protection Advisor


If you are starting a new job as a DPA (Data Protection Advisor) or DPO (Data Protection Officer), and you have never worked in the industry before, you will have to understand the regulatory and legal landscape to perform your duties. However, there are key concepts that you ought to grasp straightaway if you are going to pursue a career in this varied and highly rewarding profession.

The phrase 'data protection' is itself, perhaps, misleading as far as explaining what the resident advisor does each day. Maybe after the 1995 Data Safeguard Directive was introduced, it was a suitable description for the professional who was in charge of personal details. The Directive aimed to protect the basic right to privacy of European citizens (not an easy task by any means!). The issue these days is that 'Safeguard' implies limitation. Consequently, in the modern data-powered business world, this results in certain stakeholders wrongly assuming that advisors tasked with privacy protection are likely to hinder progress and innovation, instead of facilitating it.

In May 2018, after the GDPR was adopted, the legal playing field for every company that manages personal data altered permanently. We assist you in navigating through the minefield of data privacy legislation, offering you guidance to ensure that your company avoids fines and damage to its' reputation -- without you needing to be an expert.

Data Protection Advisor updates company DPOs with the key developments in data protection and privacy laws. With real-world tips, checklists, example templates and tools, we make sure that you adhere to all the rules with little effort. We will update you each month, to keep you in the loop about what new legislation means for your company.

Enhance confidence in the recovery and maintain levels of service. Data Protection Advisor allows you to automate and unify alerting, reporting and monitoring throughout your data privacy storage platforms and software. This includes cloud and onsite solutions. With Data Protection Advisor, you can make informed choices quicker, which boosts efficiency.

Become More Visible

Data Protection Advisor offers protection assurances in changing environments. It provides visibility throughout your data privacy platforms from a uniform dashboard.

Make Things Simpler

Take a unified, automated approach to manage data privacy platforms. Versatile reporting offers every stakeholder the details they require to remain compliant. Moreover, Service Level Objectives are accomplished, which delivers instant value and avoids wasting countless man-hours.

Embrace Automated Procedures

Eliminate manual monitoring, data gathering, reporting, and alerting across multiple sites and systems. Automation improves efficiency, lowers risk and streamlines your daily tasks.

As professionals, we have to constantly balance individual rights against the organisation's goals, considering the commercial viewpoint in particular. Frequently, it will appear that there's a fundamental discrepancy between the things your organisation wishes to achieve, and what is permitted by law. However, as time passes, you will realize that the laws are, by and large, logical and that a positive, 'can do' attitude is the secret to finding the right solution.