Don’t know where to start? It is simple. Try the data protection policy generator and let it create your data protection policy in a few instances. This is simple and quick. Every business and organisation can use this. It fulfils your legal obligation as well as shows your compliance to those who wish to inquire.

Does my organisation need a data protection policy?

If you are wondering if your organisation needs a data protection policy at all, then you need to answer the following questions:

  • Whether you operate in the EU?
  • Do you target people or stakeholders in the EU?
  • Are any of your customers EU citizens?
  • Do you have a form on your website that collects contact information from visitors?
  • Does your business require any personal information or data from the stakeholders?

If the answer of one or more of the above is yes, then you need a data protection policy as a legal requirement of the data protection policy act and the GDPR guidelines.

What is the purpose of a data protection policy?

This is your policy brief on how you deal with subjects that concern the privacy of individuals. You can list the privacy initiatives that your organisation undertakes to protect individuals. But, more so you need to outline where you use the private information you collect. This is a way to address your personal data requirements, usage and handling of the privacy connected with it.

Remember even email addresses and phone numbers are considered personal. So, this document outlines your usage, and nature of the collection. You may also refer it to the law and show how you process such information in a lawful and legal manner.

The data protection policy template is an effective way to get yourself a compliant data protection policy. Seers lets you get a data protection policy template free download for quick use and immediate help. The data protection policy template, GDPR guidelines and your input can help your business become better at compliance.

Steps for creating a data protection policy:

The simplest way to develop a data protection policy is through our data protection policy template. Here’s how you use it:

  • Open the template and answer the questions
  • Answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible
  • Extract, embed or download your policy document

Remember: The GDPR data protection policy template only works if you are 100% truthful about your business. And if you are non-compliant to begin with, just outlining your practices in the document will not help. You may need some strong and deliberate efforts to become compliant.

Why choose Seers?

If you would like to be as comprehensive, cost-efficient and smart as possible, then Seers has a free GDPR data protection policy template for you.

Here are the best things about it:

  • It is simple to use
  • It is free of a monetary price
  • It covers all major aspects relevant to your data protection policy
  • It gives much faster results than hiring a lawyer to handle this for you

Choose the free GDPR data protection policy template to help you cope with your legal obligations and outperform others around you. The data protection policy template (GDPR) is designed for ease of use and help in the compliance process. Try the data protection policy template free download and let us know what you think. Our free GDPR data protection policy template is a few clicks away from you.

There is no need to spend a tonne on the creation of this document. Seers lets you do it for free. An effective data protection policy does not have to be a pricey one. Ensure your compliance and the legal fulfilment of all your obligations today with Seers. Sounds great?

Make it happen

The free GDPR data protection policy template lets you exhibit your compliance in a way that is legally required of you.

Choose a template
Quick and efficient Requires loyalty and investment from your side as well
Allows you to save time and legal fees of many experts
Comprehensive prompts can be used to create a policy with maximum coverage


The Data Protection Policy Generator can be used to create a high quality and useful policy. This enables you to strategise using a very Simple Data Protection Policy Template created with the help of policy experts working with Seers. We have put effort into this, so you don’t have to invest as much.


Is it a legal requirement to have a data protection policy?

If your business is collecting private information then, under the law it should be able to protect it. Any business operating in the EU must abide by the GDPR and the Data Protection Policy Act of 1988. If your stakeholders are EU-based and you have any information that is related to them, or may affect them, then you have to have a data protection policy. It is a legal requirement for you to do so.

Is a data protection policy the same as a privacy policy?

Yes, the data protection policy and the privacy policy may coincide. However, both must be comprehensive, covering all major aspects and allow greater insight into the way you manage the personal information that you collect.

What is a data policy? 

A data policy is your legal declaration of why you need private information about people as an organisation. You outline the nature of the use of this information in this policy. You also must define your purpose and the time period you may need it for. You can try the Seers free GDPR data protection policy template for seamless creation of this.

What should a data protection policy include? 

A data protection policy template can be used to create an effective data protection policy. This allows your business or organisation to showcase their compliance. It includes the purpose of collecting personal or sensitive information about people. It also works on showing how the data is handled. You can include the safety procedures that you have at the organisation to protect this data. Furthermore, you can refer to the law and show how you are complying to it.

What is a GDPR policy document?

The GDPR policy document relates to your use of data of individuals and businesses in reference to the GDPR requirements. This document is a legal obligation in the EU. You must use it to declare your use of personal data. This should outline your use of private information and needs an individual would like to inquire about. A GDPR policy document can be created with the Seers data protection policy template and a free download is also available.