DSAR policy

DSAR policy

The DSAR Policy has a few very important components. These include the ability to respond to the DSAR requests and the processes in place to help in managing them better. The DSAR Policy can be created with a little help from the Seers toolkit. This comes with an ability to help you develop a strategy or policy that covers all major aspects of this. The policy will be legally sound and compliant to the GDPR requirements. 

This policy may be created by developing a brief document through the DSAR Template. You can cover all the things that you need to check before you are able to call yourself equipped for the provision of the DSAR requests. 

DSAR Template

This is essential for all businesses that may be processing any personal data. Organizations in the past have been fined for not meeting their own DSAR Policies. This is why it is important that your DSAR Policy is followed and not serving a sole ornamental purpose only.

The whole process from the reception of a request to the fulfilment should be stated in the DSAR Policy. This means that the organization in question should first identify who receives the request. Then they must devise a process whereby the request is met with the right data set and then delivered to the subject access solicitor. This sharing should not compromise any other individual’s privacy whatsoever. 

There are two tricky parts in this process. The first part is that the identification of the right data takes time from large data reservoirs. The other is that the privacy of others should not be compromised.

If you are looking to create something like this then you can first head on to the following link and find out the cost of processing an average data request. 

DSAR Request Cost