DSAR Request Cost

DSAR request cost

Businesses can not excuse themselves from serving the data subject access requests because of their low cost. Any business that may complain that it takes a lot of time to administer the requests must streamline its processes and data storage in a fashion that it can be done in under 40 calendar days as well as in the least amount of resources possible. 

The cost of processing can be charged to the solicitor as well. However, there is a maximum limit for the processing from preventing a price based discrimination in the ability to send data subject access requests. This is because higher prices cause a barrier whereby some people may be discouraged to exercise their rights because of the high opportunity cost of this price. The solicitor may pay up to £10 for the request to be processed. The actual price may be lower as well, depending on the prerogative of the business organisation or firm.

Sometimes, businesses argue that they lack resources or would rather not use their workforce to process these requests as they take time and are very critical in nature. For example, the processing of CCTV footage on a data subject, without revealing other people may require effort. This is an added responsibility. However, organisations must have effective solutions in place to deal with these requests in a lawful and timely manner. 

This high cost of the resource appointment on the issue is one of the reasons why the DSAR Request cost is to be mostly borne by the person requesting the data. This allows the burden to be shared and the law to be followed. 

In order to create your policy, you can head on to the following link that will provide guidance on the use of a DSAR Template. 

DSAR Template