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What is a Cookie Consent Banner?

Cookie Consent Banner is a great way to ensure that you are checking legal requirements that are up to the GDPR standards. The Cookie Consent Banner will help in educating your website visitors that you are using cookies. This banner is like a notification or a reminder. 

It may even give your visitor the chance to accept or decline your cookies. You may insert a link to the in-depth cookie policy in the banner for better compliance and greater comprehension as to how and where you use your cookies.

The cookie consent banner holds importance because it helps in ensuring that your visitors know about your use of cookies. This also helps in making sure that the visitors make an informed choice of accepting or declining your cookies.

Types of cookies:

There can be gazillions of cookies around on the internet. Sometimes a website could be using many cookies that it itself is unaware of. This is why an audit is essential. But before you get into that, here are the two basic ways to differentiate between cookies:

Web Cookies

Cookies are small communication channels or software that help in communication from the browser of the visitors to your knowledge panel or analytic tools. This can help an organisation in product research as well as market research. The tool can be abusive as well. 

Bad Cookies

This may be termed as bad web cookies. Under the GDPR you should make sure that there are no malignant bad cookies on your web site. There are data and cookie hygiene tools that help in ensuring that the cookie use is improved.

Not all cookies can be identified. This is because information technology is ever so expanding. So, the cookie databases around the world are very limited. Which cookies you use can be identified through cross-referencing with one of the world’s most extensive cookie databases, and a little help from the developer or the computing brain behind your organisation. 

And only in a few steps, you will be able to create a cookie consent banner and a deeper and much more detailed, cookie consent policy.

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Why is a Cookie Consent Banner important? 

According to the GDPR, countries operating in the EU are bound by the law to make sure that it is protecting the privacy of individuals and their data. These regulations are at the heart of cybersecurity both online and offline. These require the public to make well informed and carefully negotiated decisions. For this purpose a Cookie Consent Banner becomes important. 

The Cookie Consent Banner has two main functions outside of it being a GDPR compliance requirement. These are:

  • Informing your visitors
  • Extracting consent

The GDPR also requires organisations to make sure that they are keeping a track of the consent generated. This goes on to show that the consent data is essential and the role of the cookie consent banner goes beyond cosmetic value.

The use of cookies is a slight hurdle in letting your visitors exist in a vacuum or privacy bubble. The Cookie Consent Banner is a gentle way to warn your user that you may be using cookies to improve their customer or user experience along with your product or service. This also entails the fact that you may collect personal information. If you do not use cookies at all then it's alright without a banner too. Although that's highly not possible.

Now you may head-on into greater detail on the requirements of the EU Cookie Banner.

Learn More about EU Cookie Banner requirements

The EU Cookie Banner requirements can be met with our tools. This can be a simple and compliant way to fall in sync to the GDPR Law. This means that the EU Cookie Banner helps your current compliance level. It can make your organisation in sync with the law or at least contribute to greater overall compliance. 

Creating a cookie banner is an automatic process if you use the right tool for it. The right tool will be comprehensive, swift and easy to use. This will allow your organisation to minimize The doubt behind your compliance quality as long as you are able to respond in great depth.

Who needs an EU Consent Banner? 

Any organisation operating in the EU needs a Cookie Consent Banner. This requirement also extends to the organisations dealing with EU citizens living abroad. Whether you are a business organisation, Non-profit or an NGO, you may still need a cookie consent banner. 

All you need to do to fully scan or audit your website is head to our cookie consent banner tool. Our quick cookie scan will lead you to figure out if you need a consent banner. This can also help in figuring out the next step in creating your GDPR Policy. 

The next step is to create your EU Consent Banner and make it as comprehensive and clear as possible. Remember your consent banner will contain the alert and the declaration of consent, so it has to be clear to read. Here’s how to get it:

How to get an EU Consent Banner?

Getting a cookie consent banner is very easy. You need to use our tool to figure out your detailed cookie policy document. Then you need to link this document into your banner along with the question of whether visitors want to accept cookies or not. 

If the user refuses to allow your cookies then you may not force them and you can just let them know that some features of your website might not work properly. Otherwise, you may also show them why the use of cookies is important or where they can learn more.

Features of a good EU Consent Banner:

  • This is lightweight and does not clog the customer or user’s experience
  • It is visible on your website
  • You are able to edit it when needed
  • Contains a link to your cookie policy or use of cookies document
  • Helps in archiving or storing consent records

Making sure you are meeting these requirements and that your cookie scan is as truthful, well covered and accurate, can help you form and excellent cookie consent banner that matches all requirements that are held of an EU consent banner.

If you need to learn more about the EU Consent Banner, and the GDPR requirements of a cookie consent banner, then you can look into this literature on the subject right here:

Cookie Bonsent Banner