Do you need an
EU & UK Representative?

If your customers are based in the EU or UK, or if
your organisation is processing EU or UK data, then
as per the recent GDPR rules you must have
an EU or UK Representative.

GDPR - Article 27

Representatives of controllers

The representative shall be established in
one of the EU Member States where
the data subjects, whose personal data are processed.

The representative shall be mandated by
the controller or processor to be addressed


"An established and qualified
EU & UK representative service assisting you to become
compliant and acting as a liaison with the
respective authorities"

Key Benefits

  • We will serve as your EU & UK Representative
  • We will serve as the first point of
    contact for complaints
  • We will receive all mail from regulators
    & data subjects based in the EU & UK
  • We will liaise between you and those bringing
    data subject requests and complaints
  • We will promise timely response
    to avoid any GDPR fines
  • We will set up everything -
    so you can sit back & relax

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What our Clients say?

Danny Bermant

Seers dedicated time to understand our personal data processing activities and approach to compliance so that they could identify our need for an EU Representative

Danny Bermant


Mark Trowbridge

The main benefit of this service is that I had an EU Representative act on my company’s behalf so that we could focus on our work with added peace of mind

Mark Trowbridge

ConXhub. Spain

Dr Ruth Mary Allan

I am based in the United States, but I was still able to set up quickly and efficiently with no roadblocks

Dr Ruth Mary Allan

World renowned Brain Health Coach

Simon Roberts

Seers is a company that has shown ongoing commitment to helping SME’s with compliance. They served as the first point of contact for all complaints which was impressive

Simon Roberts


Bill Anderson

We are delighted to find this straight-forward, cost-effective solution

Bill Anderson

UK Ports. UK

Scott Smith

I avoided a lengthy implementation-plan by choosing Seers. They have a proven track record of providing reliable EU Representatives

Scott Smith

SEO Expert

Seers EU & UK representative
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EU Representative service.

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EU & UK representative
We will act as your
first point of contact

Seers will serve as first point of contact for
all complaints.

We receive all mail from regulators &
represent you in the EU.

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fastest seers eu representative
The quickest way to
become GDPR compliant

If your customers are based in the EU & UK or if
your organisation is processing EU & UK data,
you must have an EU Representative.

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for you. Get fully protected today!

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