An EU Representative can allow you to understand the other perspective on your performance and help you evaluate your data protection standards under a different light. You can address your future needs in a pre-emptive and well-geared manner through the Seers GDPR Data Representative service.

Who needs an EU Representative?

If you are targeting customers or visitors in the EU, then you need an EU Representative to work with you. Going global comes with its responsibilities. Make sure that your data is secure and compliant with the assistance of our network of EU Representatives willing to help you.

Key Benefits of a Seers EU Representative:

GDPR Representatives can help you create better harmony between your business and the regulatory regime. Get in touch with someone who can give you an insight that you need to make it work there.

  • Seers can be trusted with data privacy consultancy
  • Seers is going to be your first point of contact as an intermediary
  • GDPR Data Representatives keep our clients up to date as per new amendments and benchmarks for data protection in the EU
  • Our GDPR Data Representatives build a liaison between your business and the EU through strong and effective communication of all issues
  • Get timely response that eliminates the possibilities of fines and penalties
  • You relax, while our GDPR Data Representatives take care of everything

Cornerstones of the Seers EU Representative Service

Our service has been developed with the aim of providing timely, responsive and comprehensive feedback to our clients. We aim to assist them in a robust and effective manner. After all, no business likes a heavy fine and we are here to manage the risks of this ever happening to your business.

The EU Representative Service stands on the following cornerstones:

  • Punctuality
    • Our experts and resources will keep things on strict timelines, so you do not worry about meeting a single deadline. We take care of your GDPR obligations and the EU policy changes
  • Strategic Damage Control
    • Should you find yourself non-compliant, we can help in making the situation much better through the use of the best way forward and expert advice from our network of professionals
  • Pre-emptive cost-saving advantage
    • Keeping things in an orderly fashion is essential to us. A well executed mitigation strategy results in no unexpected fines
  • Effort management
    • Our professionals take care of the effort required. While your business focuses on valuable success and growth propositions like it is meant to.

Our EU Representative Network is the quickest and the most efficient way to analyse your business and define a way forward to meet GDPR requirements.

Seers has a large healthy network of EU representatives There is no shortcut
All representatives are well-qualified
Allows an insightful and dedicated result for your organisation


If you are looking to hire an EU Representative or a GDPR Data Representative then we urge you to only resort to Top Seers Services as contrary to any poorly-informed service choices you may feel tempted to look at.


Do I need an EU Representative?

Every company must hire or stay in communication with an EU representative for their daily compliance needs and queries. A GDPR data representative can ensure achievable compliance and a healthy to and fro of policies under the EU Directive. Companies that work with noncriminal data are highly encouraged to hire an EU representative. Companies that are either public companies, processing highly sensitive criminal or security related data and special category data are free of the obligation to hire an EU representative. These companies may not require one.

What is a GDPR Data Representative?

A GDPR Data Representative helps in enabling better security and application of the data within the organisation. They do so without having to inquire what the content of the data is. This is because their guidance is limited to policy and management tips rather than inquiry and questioning on the basis of any criminal deviations from the GDPR, if any.

How do you appoint an EU Representative? 

Firstly any company looking to appoint an EU representative or specialist must register their address. This necessitates the need to hire an EU Representative to begin with. Secondly, the company then mentions their GDPR Data Representative as a point of contact in their privacy notice. This helps in better communication in a situation of breach, antitrust, or the use of Data Subject Access Request (DSAR).

Who is a controller under GDPR? 

The GDPR Data Representative is a person that acts as a channel between the company and the GDPR policies applicable in the EU. The GDPR Data Representative is a point of contact in case of any confusion. This also helps in addressing issues and reduces any violations that would exist in the absence of a controller.

Does GDPR law apply to non EU citizens?

The GDPR law applies to its subjects. The subjects of GDPR are the citizens of the EU. It does not apply to immigrants living in the EU without citizenship. It also does not apply to non-citizens in the shape of overseas Europeans. The GDPR law applies in the EU regardless of the nationality of the person using a company website or seeking the services of a business.

Who needs a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR? 

A DPO is an internal applicator and regulatory officer that is named within an organisation. This person helps in making the organisation better compliant to the EU directive and the GDPR policies.

Does GDPR only affect EU companies? 

The GDPR policies are based on principles that uplift the safety and security of data of individuals. This affects the EU because the regulations are legally binding in the EU. It can be extended as best practices to the rest of the world as well. For the remaining world it is not mandatory. But, for businesses and organisations operating in the EU, it is mandatory to comply with GDPR.