Free GDPR Consent Form Templates

Want to comply with multiple GDPR principles at once? Get the consent of the data subjects to the collection and processing of their data. It will get the job done. 

Free GDPR Consent form Template

Free GDPR Consent form Template

According to the GDPR Guidelines, every organisation needs to get its consent form signed and kept in a record before they start processing personal information and sensitive data of individuals. This is a great way to ensure that there are no disputes later one. It can also help in keeping the purpose, intent and the use of data very open to the data subjects. Seers have a free GDPR Consent form Template that you can use. 

Benefits of securing consent

This one is a great way to allow your organisation to make sure that it is complying. Just by the virtue of having your data subjects’ consent you are taking care of many GDPR principles. 

The consent is an underlying principle for collection, use and processing of personal data along with having the mandate or the right to process it. However, before it all begins a data subject must show that it is making a fully informed choice. This helps in a court of law and when not in a court too. The simple consent form can help an individual willingly waive some parts of their right to privacy to your organisation. Then helps in sharing the data in the right way, and with clear boundaries. 

Benefits of using the Free GDPR Consent Form Template by Seers 

Seers has created a quick and efficient template for you to follow in the creation of your consent form. This is a great way to make sure that your consent form is comprehensive enough. It can help in ensuring that your work is free from loopholes. You can also use this tool in the way you deem fit. It is simple and flexible to use. The stimulus can also be used to help use it as an inspiration to create something that suits your business best.

Many organisations do not know what to include and how much to share in the consent form. The Free GDPR Consent Form Template is a great way of you doing so in an effective fashion. Get the answers and the help you are looking for. It is not strange or rare to be confused when it comes to the GDPR. 

A template can help you navigate through what should be included. Looking through other people’s consent forms and what is happening in similar industries is a lot of effort. This is a great way to make sure that you are on the right track, without the distractions and with the support you need. 

We believe in making your job at compliance easier. If you have tried our tool kit you will be the advocate for that. However, if you find yourself in any mess, confusion or in the need for more help you can always use our super powerful and super-efficient chatbots. They are amazing.


Allow yourself quick and better compliance with Seers. 

Free GDPR Consent form Template