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Empower employees, educate them about the GDPR, eliminate your risks. 

GDPR Training

Free GDPR Training for Employees

Free GDPR Training for employees is a Seers initiative to aid you in better compliance with the GDPR. Employees are the ones that come in frequent contact with various forms of sensitive and or private data. This is where most accidents happen. This is why you need to train them and save your organisation from strict legal action and financial loss.

With Seers, you can do so through the free GDPR training for employees. This is quick, effective and helps in compliance. It is a legal requirement to educate and train your workforce on the subject matter anyway.

Benefits of Free GDPR training for employees:

Training improves the morale, productivity and culture among the employees. This is also an excellent way to improve your compliance at the floor level. You can reduce the chances of a breach if your employees fully understand what they are required to do and what they are actually doing. This entails that the employees must be fully aware of the GDPR. They must understand how it applies to their role in your firm. The employees must be empowered. 

The Free GDPR Training for employees is a cost-free way for you to help in empowering them. This can reduce your long term liabilities, loss and risks of breaches that could have occurred. 

By making this a free course, we help contribute with our two cents in working towards a healthier community. For organisation and businesses, this is a preemptive strategy that helps in curtailing loss of resources. There are no hidden charges for this whatsoever.

The process of getting Free GDPR training for employees:

In this GDPR training, the employees will be first taught the basics of the GDPR. They will then be able to learn. And eventually, they may take a test to acquire a certification. 

The certification is also a moral and spirit booster. This also acts as a way to ensure that there is adequate awareness in dealing with matters within your organisation. It can also serve as a tool to promote the workforce to do more and generate better results with their overall performance. The training helps in converting possible legal liabilities into a system of seamless agents of compliance. 

You can also showcase the certification as your effort to comply with the GDPR. One of the important ways to comply is by exhibiting the efforts undertaken. This can be one of those. The training also ensures that your employees do not need to leave your premises for the job. They can fulfil the program and train in your office with great ease.

In order to enrol your staff into our GDPR Staff E-training Program, you can follow this link. This program has been designed to save time and get more with less.

GDPR Training