Free Website Cookie Audit

Free website cookie audit

If you are looking for a free website cookie audit then here you go. You can use the Seers Policy tools to get yourself a completely compliant cookie policy and help yourself in devising the perfect roadmap to complete compliance. 

Businesses and organisations no longer need to pay for expensive evaluations and procedures in order to become compliant. You can easily try the free website cookie audit and help yourself in devising the right strategy and your way forward with GDPR Compliance. The free website cookie audit tool is a quick way to help in comparing the cookies you use on your website, with our large Database of cookies. This will allow you to enlist all the cookies you use and obtain the consent for their usage with great ease and clarity. 

This tool is a great way to engage your behaviour and find out if it matches the legal requirements that you are obliged to live up to as a business or an organisation. Through the free website cookie audit, you can find out where you stand in terms of compliance. You can also find out how much effort is still required of you in the identified problem areas.

The cookie audit works faster than humans can. This is way more efficient than the team you will hire, even if the team is extraordinary and works really fast the results may lack. This is because running a cookie audit can be very tricky, complicated and tough. This is difficult and sometimes seen as a menial task. 

The free website cookie audit is fast and secure. You can discreetly run this and find out your vulnerable or weak areas that may be prone to legislative sanctions and fines beforehand. 

Any solution begins at the problem identification stage and this is what the cookie audit is all about. Despite being free, it covers every aspect you need. You can take a quick trial here. If you would like to know more about the online cookie audit then you can head on to the following link. 

Online Cookie Audit