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Funny Disclaimer Examples You Do not Want

If you are looking to add disclaimers to our website, then here are the kind you steer away from. Seers bring to your knowledge funny disclaimer examples that you do not want for your business. People do funny things thinking they are being smart. Most of these are also an example of smartness that does not translate into effectiveness. It is rather unuseful, boring and pointless. So gear up and get ready to find out!

The shameless funny disclaimer example

You must have already encountered some of these. It shows that your organisation does not take the public word with grace. You must be cautious with such disclaimers.

The views may be bad, but these are our own. We don’t care if you disagree.

We-Kid-You-Not funny disclaimer example

This one makes the reader feel like the organisation is discussing something in a serious tone. It may be very sarcastic, philosophical and layered with puns. This one can work its magic if your audience has an appetite for it. However, something like this may be used in a court of law and remember that this is a legally admissible piece of wiring that should not have any multiple meanings. The meaning may be used against you in a court of law. 

The following content has been created to suit our art aesthetic. It may not be a representation of our actual beliefs (or maybe). We are all entitled to our opinion. But you don’t have to use yours to attack us.

The Exclusive-Club Funny Disclaimer Example

Some disclaimers are designed to make the reader feel like they are supposed to agree to your content or they will miss out. This can be effective because it can be a great tool to create a fear of missing out and thus make your content wanted. However, if it seems to abrupt, unsubtle or one-sided, it may push people with slightly different opinions away. 

These are our amazing views, yours may be different or less important. It’s okay if you with 97% of other people in the country want to stay in the dark. But if you are curious you should find out the true meaning of life.

The Not-So-Funny Disclaimer Example

Alright, so this may be intended to give out a laugh or show the lighter side of the organisation, but, it fails at it. This is because having a joke embedded in your disclaimer is not funny, helpful in complying with the law and may result in penalisation. This may be seen as a mockery of the law, which is a straight away crime in some places.

Yes, we understand that some of our content can be offensive to certain people, we do not mean to offend them, but everybody can not like you everywhere you go right? Haters gonna hate. Proceed with caution.

The Legal Fiasco Disclaimer Example

Here’s one that seems smart and chirpy, but does nothing really. A disclaimer that does not disclaim rather tries to enforce its views aggravates the potential distaste that organisations wish to rather prevent. The imposition may be offensive. It can create legal issues. It might as well create confusion or dislike for your organisation for being insensitive, deviant and even inconsiderate to ethics and the law.

We are going to make sexist jokes, racial jokes, poverty-related jokes and showcase a plethora of stereotypes in the following pages or videos. If you are sensitive to any of it you may not like it.

Fine-Without-It Disclaimer Example

This one is a recipe to push people away from your site. You may be giving them the idea that if you do not agree with us, you may leave. Now that seems fine, by it goes inherently in the opposite direction than your actual intention of placing a disclaimer. And that is to reduce liability. If your disclaimer accelerates the loss of your otherwise interesting audience, then it is rather a liability itself. With something like this, you were probably fine without it.

These are our views. We like them the way they are. If you have other opinions that’s fine too. This is still better than yours.


Which one do you think is legal? Are these actually effective or do you need a serious disclaimer compliant with the law? Find out here.

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