GDPR Cookie Audit

GDPR cookie audit

You may need to conduct a GDPR Cookie Audit. This is a way to ensure that your website is not using any bad cookies if it is then at least you have mechanisms in place to manage those. The GDPR Cookie Audit will enable the website in question, to develop a comprehensive and fully equipped Cookie Compliance strategy based on the GDPR Principles and guidelines. 

How to conduct a GDPR Cookie Audit?

All you need to perform a GDPR Cookie Audit is the tool is to sign up for the Seers GDPR Toolkit, you will get all the essentials there. Conducting a GDPR Cookie Audit is simple and easy. You can save a great deal of time with this tool. Using this means lesser input from you, yet more comprehensive results than what you can achieve manually. It is suitable for every organisation looking to comply with the GDPR.

Why do you still need your tech person?

The tech developer knows if they used any discreet cookies that they created. Legally speaking, the tech person may nor insert or apply any cookies that you may not need. This means that if they are collecting data that they should not be in the first place then you should know all about it and take strict action. Some cookies may be of use to you, only you may not be able to scan them through an audit because those could be specially designed. This is why the tech person involved in the development can be particularly helpful in this case. Once you have the results you can run it by them to verify if something is left from their side.

Apart from this if you wish to learn more about the Cookie audit GDPR then here you go. The cookie audit GDPR is a great way to invest in your cookie management policy and that is the tool that we are talking about here. Learn more about why you need it and how to use it on the following page.

Cookie Audit GDPR