GDPR training can train and educate your staff as to how to enforce best-in-class GDPR practices. Most data breaches occur at the staff and management level. Empower your staff to know better with the GDPR training free of cost with Seers. This initiative allows everyone to learn and acquire GDPR training online. Leaving nothing to chance or unawareness.

Why choose GDPR training?

Choosing GDPR training for your company is essential as a part of the compliance process. The very nature of GDPR compliance requires vigilance and commitment to principles. In order to uphold the principles set under GDPR, the GDPR training allows all employees to understand the implementation of compliance policies on grass root level.

Who needs GDPR training?

Your staff handles the data that your company collects. Your IT developers, marketing teams, data collectors, analysts and even the lower level management is likely to have access to the data belonging to others. They must come in contact with this data therefore, they are eligible for training on how to handle and work with this data. We ensure that our companies can get access to GDPR training free of cost for maximum adoption and minimal barriers. GDPR training is an effective way to ensure data protection officer training for compliance and self-regulation. Every organisation needs something just like this.

The unseen benefits of GDPR training:

The GDPR training courses can empower your employees. These courses are online and they are easy to go through. Training results in the reduction of any errors springing up at any point in time. The data protection officer training can result in improvements from within the organisation as opposed to external disciplinary actions.

Our GDPR training courses eliminate the lack of awareness from the minds of the consumers. They may be able to make better decisions on the ground after taking this course that enables them to know what high-quality compliance entails.

There should be no excuse for non-compliance. Because no excuse will get any business out of the heavy fines and penalties imposed for non-compliance. The GDPR training is more than just a legal requirement now.

Data protection training requirements:

Our GDPR training course is very easy to take. It will not go off-point in explaining things the inefficient way. Learn what matters, learn it now. This is the beauty of utilizing the Seers GDPR training course online. It is comprehensive, precise and abundant to reduce the legal risks down a great deal. The data protection officer training is optimal for GDPR compliance.

Seers has allowed this GDPR training course free to access. If you are looking for a GDPR course online then buckle up, because we have a proper ride designed for you to learn every step of the way, in small graspable pieces of information.

Your data protection officer (DPO) training can begin whenever you feel ready. We are ready when you are. As long as you are willing to put your best foot forward for compliance, the legislation will be on your side too.

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The process of the GDPR training course:

You can take the GDPR training course online with great ease, through the following steps:

  • Enrol
  • Go through online training modules
  • Take your questionnaire
  • Receive your GDPR certification

Our GDPR training course online is free. The risk of not knowing it is much larger. Join our efforts to help you become compliant.

Pros of taking the GDPR course online

  • Compliance and competence among staff
  • No more ignorance on the subject
  • Reduction of chances of failure and non-compliance
  • You can contribute healthy input to your organisation after the data protection officer training

Cons of taking the GDPR course online

  • Might need to take out a day or half from your employee’s work time
  • Some employees fear to learn new things
Pros: Cons:
Create awareness and reduce chances of litigation or disputes It may require a little time and dedication from your employees
Reduces chances of penalties and fines This is an ongoing practice, can not be done once and forgotten
Reduces chances of penalties and fines


If you are looking for an effective GDPR Training for your employees or yourself you may obtain it with Seers. The Seers Data Protection Training helps in reducing the chances of penalties and breaches through the creation of adequate awareness and education.


Is there a GDPR certification?

Yes, every employee in a company handling data must acquire the GDPR certification. All you need to do for it is enrol in our GDPR training course online, answer the simple test and then get yourself certified.

Does GDPR require employee training?

GDPR has legally enforced the need to take GDPR training. This applies to every employee in a firm handling sensitive data or information about people regardless of their sector or industry of operation.

Why is GDPR training important?

High-quality training can allow the breaches to be minimized on a great level. This is because negligence ratios and human error reduces substantially after taking the Seers GDPR training course. This is important for compliance on a legal level.

How do you train staff on data protection?

All you have to do to train staff on data protection is enrol them in our GDPR training online. Once they enrol, they must take the course and eventually answer a questionnaire on best practices. This is a quick way of acquiring a seamless data protection training.

What is GDPR training?

GDPR training involves best practices related to compliance and GDPR competence. Employees walk away with a sound methodology and attitude towards GDPR through the GDPR training online developed by Seers.

Who needs GDPR training?

Every employee in an organisation handling or collecting data must go through GDPR training. You need to enrol in an official GDPR training course, such as the one offered by Seers for maximum results.

Each and every employee from a basic level to higher upper management should have access and the ability to fulfil their legal obligation of going through the GDPR training.

What is data protection training? 

Data protection training teaches the trainee the best practices when it comes to data handling, data storage and data collection. You can learn these in greater detail here at Seers. The data protection training is not a monetized program. It is an initiative to help maximum individuals across industries to gain an awareness of compliance and practice effective policies with regard to the GDPR law.

How do I become GDPR certified? 

All you have to do is enrol, learn and take the test to become fully GDPR certified with the GDPR courses online. The certification is easy to get as long as you take your tests truthfully, vigilantly and as per GDPR guidelines.