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Seers is every Businesses Data Protection dream come true.

Seers helps your organisation become fully GDPR compliant; from creating and customising your Privacy Policy documents right through to looking at what Cookies are running on your Website, hiring a DPO, drafting and devising bespoke Policies and Procedures, etc (and everything else in-between)

If you are a business, looking for expert advice or you are thinking about hiring a Data Protection Officer but are confused, you have come to the right place.

Follow the steps to GDPR compliance.

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How it works

  1. 1Register on the website.
    • Registration literally takes 2 minutes.
  2. 2Choose which category
    • Choose the category of privacy professional you feel best suits you and/or your organisation the best
    • There is a selection to choose from as follows;
      • Speak to an “online advisor” or
      • Choose to work with an “onsite advisor”.(someone who will come and visit your offices).
      • Alternatively, if you really wish to avoid any GDPR aggravation, you can simply “outsource” your GDPR implementation with one of our outsourced data protection officers (DPO).
    • Below are explanations of options and how to know for sure which advisor best suits you:

Online advisor

This is the best value option.
Hire an expert via our 24/7 available “Online advisory” service.

  • Book an expert to guide you through all the different aspects of GDPR in a quick and easy process. Sessions take place online via Skype or Zoom and, you simply book x,y,z amount of hours and top up as you progress.
  • Our online advisors are the great means to achieve fast and expert advice tailored exactly to your budget and will assist you in your GDPR journey to compliance in a structured manner controlled by you.

Key benefits of the online advisor?
Easy, flexible, pay as you go… and, above all, completely cost, effective.

In-Person advisor

Enlist one of our In-Person advisors to come and visit you on site, meet with you and your team to discuss all your GDPR worries and issues and closely collaborate with you and your staff in preparing all the necessary documentation towards total compliance with personal data protection and GDPR.

In-Person, onsite benefits:

  • Personal and professional with face to face consultations.
  • Providing a feeling of security having a competent and experienced expert within your team ready to answer your questions as they arise.

Outsourced DPO

Hire a contract based DPO. (Find out here whether your organisation is required by GDPR to have a DPO).

Hiring an experienced DPO may be a viable option for your organisation as it is an excellent and cost, effective solution for all types of organisations. Even small businesses get a lot out of an outsourced DPO when they require the assistance and advice of a privacy expert.
Having an outsourced DPO can relieve a lot of stress and worry.

Outsourced DPO benefits:

  • Simple and takes away many of the stresses surrounding GDPR
  • Creates a professional edge for your organisation