Article 6 Network Information System (NIS) Significant disruptive effect

  1. When determining the significance of a disruptive effect as referred to in point (c) of Article 5(2), Member States shall take into account at least the following cross-sectoral factors:
    1. the number of users relying on the service provided by the entity concerned;
    2. the dependency of other sectors referred to in Annex II on the service provided by that entity;
    3. the impact that incidents could have, in terms of degree and duration, on economic and societal activities or public safety;
    4. the market share of that entity;
    5. the geographic spread with regard to the area that could be affected by an incident;
    6. the importance of the entity for maintaining a sufficient level of the service, taking into account the availability of alternative means for the provision of that service.
  2. In order to determine whether an incident would have a significant disruptive effect, Member States shall also, where appropriate, take into account sector-specific factors.