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GDPR Compliance?

Easily audit your existing Cookies, get a FREE Cookie Consent Banner & Cookie Policy (crafted by Lawyers) and become GDPR Compliant & protect yourself from fines

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Are you unsure where to start with GDPR compliance?

An EASY first step is our Cookie Audit Tool which will quickly align your company with the legal requirements of GDPR

3 Easy steps to GDPR Cookie Compliance


Scan your website for GDPR


Quickly discover which cookies are running & identify GDPR risks


Install your GDPR Cookie Banner


Use our tools to generate a GDPR compliant Cookie Policy & create a Cookie Consent Banner


Automatic Updates


Set up regular scans & have policies updates automatically

Cookie Audit is the first easy step to 100%
Cookie Compliance with WordPress

Free Cookie Audit

Make sure you’re legally Compliant.
Scan & audit your Cookies with Cookie Audit.

Protect yourself by simply entering your domain and email below.


WordPress Plugin - Cookie Consent Banner

Create your WordPress Cookie Banner, exactly the way you want it.
Fully customisable – choose your position, sizes, colour options etc. Enjoy the most compliant and flexible Plugin on the market!

1. Scan your websites Cookies

Use our Cookie Audit tool to scan your website to discover
which Cookies you currently have installed & asses risk

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2. Generate a Cookie Policy

Create a legally fully compliant Cookie Policy

Your Cookie Policy includes our unique “automatically updating” Cookie Table updated via HTML script you simply place on your site. This keeps you compliant at all times.

Or just use the updated Cookie Table & insert the table code into your own Cookie Policy.

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3. Customise your Cookie Banner

Create a Cookie Banner you love. You have full control over every option. Choose the button Texts, positioning, pick from Templates or craft & customise it exactly how you want it.
You have full control.

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4. Install the Cookie Script

Your Cookie Consent Tool is an easy to use WordPress Plugin.
Install the Script on your site and set up regular scans
to “automatically update” your Cookie Policy – all on Auto pilot

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Automatic Cookie scan & declaration

Monthly we scan the website and generate a cookie declaration with descriptions
on every NEW cookie found on your website. If new cookies are added to your website, Your Cookie
Policy documents are automatically updated instantly. Amazing!


I love Cookie Audit. It’s good to feel safe from prosecution.

- Mike Smithson

Add any many Domains as you like

More than one site? Add as many sites as you want. You can even ask your website visitors for a consent that covers all your domains... It's quite easy!

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The Quickest, easiest way to get
100% Cookie Compliant

Set it. And forget it.
Our Automatic 100% legal Cookie Policy documentation will have you compliant in no time.

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