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Regulations for Communication

Under the PECR, Government Communications Plan 2019, GDPR and even Data protection Act new Communication regulations request you and all organisations to abide by rules and laws that help in safeguarding basic human rights. 

Communication is a basic human interaction. Whether it may be digital or physical. However, anyone who does not wish to participate in the interaction can not be forced to. This is underlined through the basic human right to practice privacy. The right to privacy is the base of the New Communication Regulations in the UK. 

What is this concept of the New Communications Regulations?

Before understanding the New Communications Regulations, let’s understand what communication in here entails:

Communications refer to sending a message whether it may be digital, physical verbal, written or in the form of a signal. The act of sharing information or content is also considered as getting your message out of communicating. The act of sending emails, text messages, broadcasting television and radio shows, all of these are also examples of communication. 

According to the New Communications Regulations, organisations are limited in engaging in personal communication with actual individuals. This is because the personal interaction of communication may affect the private zone or the privacy of an individual. 

What is privacy under the New Communications Regulations?

Privacy, in this case, is not just limited to the right to remain private but also forgotten. The right to be invisible, the right to erasure, the right to be unbothered and the right to refuse communication are all parts or extensions of this liberty to be private or exercise privacy.

While there are some exceptions to this right, such as being answerable in a court of law, speaking in a legal or law enforcement situation and when matters of state security are in question. Though, the right may still be given to uphold the integrity of human rights and liberties. 

Employers, Government and Private Businesses:

Under the New Communications Guidelines all employers, government organisations and private businesses must practice extreme communication hygiene. This means that they must make sure that the data they store on individuals must not be used in any communication or way that affects its life chances. They also must make sure that no communication is forceful communication. These guidelines make it permissible to use marketing communication if it bothers people.

It also makes it non-permissible to sell data or use data in unlawful ways. The usage of the data on individuals may be their name, contact details, sexual history, genetic and health information, criminal records, background information or even their credit card bills, all must be done in an authorised, legal and safe manner under very strict guidelines. These ensure that the Private Businesses, Government Organisations and Employers, all are being mindful of their role in uplifting the right to practice privacy of the individuals living in this region.

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