Online Cookie Audit

Online cookie audit

Are you looking for a quick and immediate way to scan your website and get rid of poor web cookies? Then the online Cookie audit is the way to go. This is a quick and essential way to grab the weak areas and tweak them for a perfect cookie compliance strategy. 

The best way to do a cookie audit is through a tool like ours. The Seers Online Cookie Audit is paired with artificial intelligence. This allows a quick and smooth comparison of your cookies with the cookies present in the world otherwise. We have one of the world's largest cookie databases. 

Free Cookie Audit

Why perform an online cookie audit?

An online cookie audit is one of the main parts of your GDPR compliance strategy. Doing this manually or offline may take your team months or even years to get it right. The online cookie audit is a quick and effective tool. It automates the procedure and helps you identify exactly what you need. 

The Online cookie audit tool is simple to use and will need minimal effort from you. Making the best use of your resources and not wasting them on something that can be done through technology is essential for the contemporary organisation.

If you have a contact form or a personal detail form on your website, or if you are going to use the cookies on the browsers of the individuals or visitors coming to your site then you need a cookie banner, a cookie pop up and a cookie audit to begin with. Performing an online cookie audit is a smart and effective way to ensure that the consent you are obtaining from your visitors is truthful, comprehensive and that you are processing things in a legal manner. 

If you are looking to get your cookie audit free then you can find out more information on the following link below. This can help you save costs, reduce the input required from you and enhance your compliance with the GDPR Cookie Law.

Cookie audit free