Our Hiring Platform

Seers review based marketplace for privacy professionals

The Seers hiring platform provides reviews based on the marketplace and the opportunity to hire experienced and qualified data protection advisors and data protection officers on or offline.

Why the need for advisors and DPOs?

GDPR compliance is itself a challenge for many organizations within the EU and outside.  It is reasonably hard to identify when and where the regulation is violated, and then to correct, document and monitor it is an ongoing basis. Lack of experienced advisors will expose most companies to the risk of financial penalties. There are a vast number of companies that are obligated to be GDPR ready and to monitor compliance regularly. A recent study shows approximately 75,000 Data protection Officers are required across the globe.

Most GDPR advisory companies are providing only basic, non-user-friendly advice.  Or alternatively face-to-face, but expensive data protection training or advice.  Seers hiring platform has highly qualified, experienced data protection experts on board. We make it easy for organisations to hire the right expert according to their requirements.