Hire a freelance
Data Protection Officer

SEERs offers a Data Protection Officer (DPO) service which is a simple, cost-effective
all-inclusive data protection & ePrivacy service that allows you to simply
“outsource” the role of the DPO.

  • Choose from over 120 independent advisors.
  • On-site, in house visit or online consultation
  • Automated tools, data protection and privacy services
  • Complete and comprehensive GDPR assessment service, planning and implementation

Key Benefits:

Seers DPO outsourcing service is flexible, easy and cost effective

Choose from our directory of over 100 experts to find your perfect DPO

Find the EXPERTISE you need with over 120 experienced Data Protection Professionals (DPOs) to choose from

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Fully Managed & Easy

If you don’t have the resources or data protection expertise then a Outsourced Data Protection Officer service is for you… It’s the Quickest easiest way to get Compliant Fast

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Data Protection & ePrivacy Tools

All Advisors and registered Businesses can Access our patented Data Protection Software & Tool-kits…

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Full service GDPR protection

We offer a “full service”GDPR assessment, planning and implementation solution...

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Outsourcing your Data Protection?

Hiring a DPO is the Quickest, easiest way
to get GDPR Compliant… Fast !!!

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