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Marketing is now a legal minefield. Our “PECR Audit” makes getting legally compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations super easy!

Fact: Organisations must legally comply with the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) or risk massive fines!

A “PECR Audit” Analysis is a great way to see how the regulation applies to your organisation and identify critical, high risk, or weak areas of your organisation.

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Are you Marketing Legally?

Are you Marketing Legally?

Both the new GDPR Legislation and PECR regulations cover all forms of Marketing.

If you are sending Marketing emails, faxing, cold calling or sending SMS broadcasts – and haven’t conducted a PECR Audit, you may be breaking the Law!

Find out here with our PECR Audit

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Get Legal – the fastest easiest way!

Email Marketing?

PECR restricts unsolicited marketing by email. The rules are clear when it comes to email marketing.

Do you know the do's and don’ts? If not, our PECR Audit will uncover risks and weak spots.

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Telephone - Cold Calling?

Telephone - Cold Calling?

The PECR regulation covers the use of “Telephone” for marketing purposes.

Things like what data is held, line identification services (e.g. caller ID and call return) and directory listings, etc.

If currently, you’re using the Telephone to Market to prospects and customers – the BIG Question is, are you now legal?

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SMS, Faxing or Text Marketing?

PECR “restricts” unsolicited marketing by Fax and by SMS Text broadcasting. There are different rules for different types of communication.

Are you SMS Broadcasting? Do you know the rules?

Conduct a PECR Audit today…. and don’t fall foul of the Law!

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Non Compliance is against the law & carries fines of up to €20,000,000

Cookie Issues

Cookie Issues

PECR regulations covers Tracking, the use of cookies or similar technologies that track information about people accessing a website or other electronic service.

Your Cookies may put you at risk.

Make sure you’re tracking legally!

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PECR Audit & Assessment

Our patented technology means you can easily become fully GDPR and ePrivacy (PECR) compliant by testing all your Procedures & systems with our easy to use Audit & Assessment Tools.

We’ll immediately show you any gaps in your armour.

…so that you’ll know exactly where you stand in no time at all time.

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I love these PECR Tools. It’s good to feel 100% safe from the fear of prosecution.

- Doug Armstrong

Conducting a “PECR” Marketing Audit is the first step towards compliance… and it effectively aligns your company with the legal requirements of the NEW GDPR & Privacy and Electronic Communications(PECR) Regulations

Don’t get caught out. This is now Law!

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