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  • Data Protection Policy
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  • Data Subject Access Request
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • CCTV Policy
  • Consent Policy
  • Work from Home
  • Terms and Conditions

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What our Clients say?

Anastasia Novikova

After applying the Information Security policy, we have seen our security improve vastly. Seers has helped my business grow tremendously

Anastasia Novikova

Hakka Media Ltd

Michael Boevink

An outstanding approach to privacy policies with the kind of software that encompassess all of our needs. Every privacy policy under one roof.

Michael Boevink

Boevink Group

Emma Chard-Cumming

I like how easy the policies are to use. I like that you can quickly download them and they are customisable too. It’s really simple to use without having to start from scratch

Emma Chard-Cumming

Business Growth International (BGI) Ltd

Jeff Badaev

We feel so much more secure with our CCTV policy and our theft rates within the store have gone down dramatically

Jeff Badaev

Smartfit Furniture Ltd

Adrian Brown

Seers actually reminded me of all the issues regarding Privacy & the Policies pack gave me everything I need. You guys definitely have the best support in the business & I'll never deny you that.

Adrian Brown


Scott Smith

I love the Policies Pack. All the Policies I need are here. Seers system is easy to use.Thanks so much, you guys are the best!

Scott Smith

SEO Expert

Rokas Milkonas

I had a real need to get compliant. Seers is easily the most professional outfit. My favourite platform for Data Protection & Privacy Policies

Rokas Milkonas

Novi Construction Ltd

Riffi Khan

Thanks, Flawless!!! Every Privacy policy I need. A much-appreciated godsend. Thanks Seers. Much appreciated!

Riffi Khan

Sunflower TV Productions

Policy Pack

The policy pack can help you create fully compliant policies with ease. You will be
able to create concise, effective and diverse policies with the help of this tool kit.
If you wish to identify the specific policies that are required by your business
and generate these policies with the help of our AI-based solution,
then please read more at the link below.

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