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Launch of Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) Solution 17th July 2020

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Friday , 17 July 2020

Launch of Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) Solution 17th July 2020

Seers is delighted to announce the launch of its Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) solution that helps organizations analyse security risks to personal data likely to pose significant risks to freedoms and rights of data subjects for internal and external high-risk projects. 

DPIA is an essential tool for Data Controllers and Data Protection Officers (DPOs) within an organization to ensure that processing of data across different high-risk projects (both internal and external) does not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of individuals and their data privacy. It does this by taking into account the nature of the data processed, its purposes and enables appropriate measures to be taken to guarantee an optimal level of data security and privacy as per the requirements of the GDPR Article 35 & 36. The DPIA solution also meets the guidelines of all the key regulators including the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) and CNIL.

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“Seers is committed to helping Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to fulfil their responsibilities more effectively, efficiently and easily. Thus, by launching our DPIA solution, we aim to assist DPOs in effectively managing and mitigating the data privacy risks of both internal and external high-risk projects across an organization.” states Zahra Shah, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Seers.

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Seers is the UK’s leading privacy and consent management platform for companies worldwide.  Seers is a “one-stop shop used by thousands of organisations to comply with the entire suite of data privacy regulations GDPR, CCPA, PECR, ePrivacy etc.

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