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Seers GDPR Policies and Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service launch

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Friday , 03 May 2019

Seers GDPR Policies and Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service launch

Seers is pleased to announce it’s another great success by launching the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Staff eTraining.

The GDPR eTraining intends to train staff to comply with the Data Protection regulation. In this present day, it has become the obligatory requirement to manifest that staff are GDPR complied and trained.

Similarly, online training is probably the easiest way to let others know that business is following all the legal obligations associated with Data Protection. Consequently, it is not wrong to say that it is the most productive and affordable technique to provide an advantage to millions.

Seers SaaS platform launched these products earlier in 2019:

Seers Group CEO Adnan Zaheer said:

“Our GDPR Staff eTraining aims to provide all companies staff with a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities, and processes under the Regulation.

Making staff GDPR trained is a significant way to gauge how to figure out sensitive, risky and weak areas and also how the regulation applies to your organisation.

We are committed to using advanced technology to help SMEs around the world comply with data protection and privacy regulations at an affordable price.

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Seers is the UK's leading data protection & privacy compliance one-stop-shop.

Seer’s privacy management software and data protection advisors platform is used by hundreds of organisations to comply with data privacy regulations including the EU GDPR, PECR and ePrivacy law (Cookie Law), across sectors and jurisdictions.

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