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Seers Group Launches First Free GDPR Audit platform to Simplify GDPR Compliance

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Monday , 31 December 2018

Seers Group Launches First Free GDPR Audit platform to Simplify GDPR Compliance

Comprehensive solution to aid organisations in complying with GDPR

LONDON -- Seers Group, a global leader in B2B privacy management software helps organisations complying with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy regulation, announces the launch of three products.

Seers’ GDPR Audit is the first to market free tools, allowing businesses to identify risk and the areas where they are potentially breaking General Data Protection Regulation. The companies will have to pay a small fee to find weaknesses and recommendations.

Seers Cyber Secure identifies the weaknesses in IT security and also make a suggestion on how to improve those weaknesses. Cyberattack risks have increased substantially in recent years.

Identifying the weaknesses and ensuring best practices are adopted can reduce the risk substantially.

Businesses are increasingly using cookies that in many cases store personal data and could be breaking GDPR transparency regulation.

Seers Free Cookie X-Ray tool help companies in identifying the Cookie and gauge the risk.

The Seers tools are fully integrated into the comprehensive Seers privacy management platform, one of the world’s best technologies used to support and implement a GDPR-based privacy program.

Seers new solutions are developed keeping SMEs' requirements in mind. It's for the businesses who are looking for affordable and easy to use tech solutions to assist them in complying.

We are committed to developing more comprehensive, easy to use solutions catered for SMEs”, said Seers Group CEO, Adnan Zaheer

The GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, and outlines data subject rights for EU customers and employees:

  • Article 12: Exercise of the Rights of the Data Subject
  • Article 13 and 14: Right to Be Informed
  • Article 15: Right to Access
  • Article 16: Right to Rectification
  • Article 17: Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)
  • Article 18: Right to Restriction of Processing
  • Article 19: Notification Obligation
  • Article 20: Right to Data Portability
  • Article 21: Right to Object to Processing
  • Article 22: Right to Object to Automated Individual Decision Making
  • Article 7(3): Right to Withdraw Consent

Non-compliance and infringements of data subject rights trigger the highest tier of administrative fines in the GDPR – up to 4% global revenue, or EUR 20M.

Perhaps more concerning is that data subjects are granted the right to seek compensation for damages suffered (Art 82; Rec 146), which is why many regulators and industry experts expect the new regulations to lead to an increased risk of class action lawsuits and brand/reputation damage if companies fail to properly meet the rights of data subjects.

As consumers become more aware of data privacy rights, under GDPR, organisations are highly anticipated to adopt best practices and comply with the regulation said Martyn Ripley, Seers Group Compliance Officer.

Seers solutions provide a wider range of assistance to SMEs and assist them in compliance. Seers Advisors platform has hundreds of advisors and helps companies to find the right advisors.

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Seers’ privacy management software and data protection advisors platform is used by hundreds of organisations to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the
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The SaaS software is deployed in an EU cloud and is based on a combination of intelligent and regulator guidance-based questionnaires, and automated workflows.

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