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Seers Group Launches PECR Audit platform to Simplify PECR and GDPR Compliance.

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Monday , 01 April 2019

Seers Group Launches PECR Audit platform to Simplify PECR and GDPR Compliance

Seers launched GDPR Audit, Cyber Secure, Find an Expert and Cookie X-Ray earlier in 2018.

Organisations must legally comply with the Privacy  Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) or risk massive fines of up to £500,000.

Both the new GDPR Legislation and PECR regulations cover all forms of Marketing.

An organisation sending either marketing emails, faxing, cold calling or sending SMS broadcasts may be breaking the law. Seers PECR Audit is a great way to see how the regulation applies to an organisation and identify critical high risk or weak areas.

The Seers tools are fully integrated into the comprehensive Seers privacy management platform, one of the world's best technologies used to support and implement a GDPR-based privacy program.

Seers new solutions are developed keeping SMEs' requirements in mind. It is for the businesses who are looking for affordable and easy to use tech solutions to assist them in complying.

Marketing is now a legal minefield. PECR Audit makes it easy to comply”, said

Seers Group CEO, Adnan Zaheer

The PECR amendments came into effect on 9 January 2019, with some updates to cover changes made by the GDPR from 25 May 2018.

As consumers become more aware of data privacy rights, under PECR, organisations are highly anticipated to adopt best practices and comply with the regulation," said Martyn Ripley, Seers Group Compliance Officer.

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