Seers offers a comprehensive guide to Cybersecurity

Learn the latest developments in the cyber landscape and protect your data and systems from cyber-attacks.

Seers guide to Cyber Security includes:

  • Cybercrime and its impact on global businesses
  • Latest trends in the cyber security landscape
  • Hackers & Cyber Criminals - Discover their motives
  • Types of malicious attacks
  • How to prevent cyber attacks
  • How to manage a breach incident
  • How to contain damage & minimize your risk
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How this guide can help your company

Secret N# 1:

Discover the types of cyber-attacks & best practice strategies to counter them. Learn how to formulate the correct incident response procedure and assign responsibilities.

Secret N# 2:

Think you're too small to be a targeted? Cybercriminals target small businesses & SME's first. By understanding their motives, you can be better prepared.

Secret N# 3:

Reduce the chances of cyber-attack by 70%. Train and guide everyone in your company to guard against social engineering, phishing or spoofing attacks.

About Seers:

Seers is the UK’s leading Cyber Security & ePrivacy Expert.

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