Privacy policy needs to be well-documented, comprehensive and true to your business practice. Create one with the privacy policy template by Seers. This privacy policy generator helps in addressing your privacy policy creation needs and legal obligations.

What is a privacy policy?

The privacy policy should ideally outline your usage of personal data and information. Every organisation requires some public data in some way. The privacy policy is a legal way to explain your need, usage and policies on the subject of private data collection and management.

How can Seers create a privacy policy template?

Seers develops tools that help in the development of strong privacy and data risk management strategies. The privacy policy template is created through the Seers’ privacy policy generator. This is an automated document that is based on legal guidelines as defined by various legal bodies.

The process of securing a privacy policy:

All you need to do to secure yourself a privacy policy for the website, business or organisation is try the GDPR privacy policy template. This is specially crafted for use by businesses and organisations operating in the EU or targetting EU Citizens.

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Display your privacy policy for website:

As a legal obligation in many regions of the world, displaying your privacy policy on your website is mandatory. In order to comply with these legal and ethical obligations, you may display your privacy policy for website use. It is a simple document that can help ensure that you are compliant under GDPR.

Is a privacy policy generator important?

A privacy policy generator is essential. It can save you the time that you or your team is likely to spend on the creation of a privacy policy manually. You may input all necessary data about your use, purpose and other relevant info and generate this document. The tool is essential because it matches legal standards, as long as you use it truthfully.

Benefits of using our privacy policy generator:

  • A quick way to outline your privacy policy
  • Allows a simple way to address the legal obligations
  • No need to incur the heavy costs of attorney services for this purpose
  • Automated and designed to obtain cohesive and comprehensive results

Would you rather remain non-compliant? Or showcase your GDPR compliant privacy policy now?

Now is better
A quick and simple way to make an outline of your privacy policy This may require your input or assistance
Comply with your legal obligations
Saves heavy costs of attorney services for this purpose
Automated for comprehensive results


Creating a Privacy Policy with Privacy Templates designed to help you is much better and faster than trying to start from scratch. You can work on a comprehensive privacy policy with Seers.


What are standard terms and conditions?

The standard terms and conditions vary from business to business. These may be different for each employee, customer and even supplier or business affiliate. The terms and conditions may also apply on a generic level. This includes a series of brand-specific or business-specific terms. All of these may contribute to a more cohesive policy brief.

How do you write terms and conditions?

Anyone can use terms and conditions template to create simple and comprehensive terms and conditions document for their business. The template also includes the following elements and if you wish to do this without the template, then you will need to incorporate the following elements in your document:

  1. Prevent abuse of service policy
  2. Outline any rules of usage, if any
  3. Explain the grounds of termination
  4. Describe the need for attribution, licensing, permissions if any
  5. Limited liability brief
  6. Establish ownership
  7. Exhibit other policy areas or clarifications
  8. Establish a privacy statement or policy

What are the terms and conditions of a contract?

You can use the template to draft the terms and conditions of a contract with greater ease. This helps in creating the terms and conditions section of your contract with comprehensive and smart coverage.

Why are terms and conditions important?

Terms and conditions are important because they help in narrowing down the list of requirements and legal liabilities on your side, as well as, those on the part of the other party. These can define the terms of the contract for both sides in a formal and legal manner. This reduces the chances of any confusion or misconception. It is also a legal obligation to put all of this forth even when not asked for.

What should I include in terms and conditions for my website?

Your terms and conditions should include your requirements, reservations, restrictions and limitations of liability. This is a great way to engage your users or visitors in informed discourse. The showcasing of your terms and conditions in a clear and truthful way is mandatory in many countries and regions of the world in a legal context.

Try the Seers terms and conditions generator for quick help on the subject of interest. It shows you how to write terms and conditions in an efficient manner along with uses and disclosures necessary to become compliant with the relevant laws.

What is a cookie statement?

A privacy policy includes all of your data requirements. It outlines the purpose for the collection. The privacy statement also discloses the period of time the data will be retained for. There is an easy to use privacy policy generator created by Seers to include all important and relevant components of privacy policy in your documentation without leaving anything to doubt or legal scrutiny.

Can you copy and paste terms and conditions?

It is illegal to copy and paste data in the shape of terms and conditions. This is because every business has its own unique set of terms and conditions. You do not need to copy and paste them, because you can create the right ones for your business with the simple terms and conditions template offered by Seers. This helps you create a policy brief that is suitable for your business in an effective and reasonable way. You can use the terms and conditions template for ease of use and time-saving. This is simpler than copying, pasting and getting into trouble. The Seers terms and conditions generator is simple to use and effective for all organisations. You can customise the terms and conditions template as per need to showcase compliance and liability limitations as per the law.