The Importance Of Design For Building A Good Brand

A lot of businesses miss the opportunity to shine by ignoring the importance of a good brand image. This is probably the most important thing nowadays, especially since the market is oversaturated and new businesses are emerging all the time. The only way to truly get attention from customers is to stand out and be unique in your own way, so building a strong brand will automatically boost your chances of reaching success. Plus, it’s also a fun way to express the creativity of the beans and its employees, which is always welcomed. Here are more reasons why design is incredibly important in your brand image. 

See what successful brands are doing

Branding has been around for a really long time; in fact, some companies are so well established that they became literally symbols in pop culture, which just goes to show just how much branding leaves an impact on people. Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney – these respected companies are well known all over the world with their well-designed logos and icons, and this automatically makes them unstoppable on the market. Reaching that level of fame and recognition is hard, but it’s not impossible with the right tools and a bit of creative thinking! 

It tells a story

There is just something special when a company is displaying its true nature, and this is easily done with the design. A good design can clearly communicate to the customer what the company stands for by telling a story and illustrating important messages this way. Even if the company is not specified in the creative field, that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any creativity involved. The customer has many options at their disposal, so why would they specifically choose your business? Because your story resonates with them – it’s recognizable, yet compelling and strong. A customer is more likely to be drawn by the brand than the product itself, remember that! Good branding and design leave a lasting first impression, so it better be a good one! In a way, this sends a message to the customers and it’s an indirect way of establishing a relationship between the company and the potential customers. This kind of relationship needs to be engaging and branding can certainly help with that!

Emotions are involved

Customers are not robots – they have thoughts and feelings, and are more likely to connect with and support a business that’s fighting for a good cause and displays its enthusiasm. This can easily be done through design and branding. The line between the business, the customers, and the general public should be blurred, no one is above or under, it should be equal. So displaying that your business is a regular, down-to-earth company is the best thing you can do. While exclusivity in many brands is considered desirable, nothing beats down-to-earth, welcoming branding that many customers can find joy in! 

It’s recognizable

A lot of businesses use the power of recognizable colors, logos, and mascots to establish themselves on the market. Lots of companies are almost identical by offering similar services and products, so creating a distinctive feature is a must. Having something like a mascot can make your company stand out from the crowd.

The more recognizable the brand identity is, the better – you want people to remember you and easily recognize your brand from a mile away! It can be as little as adding a recurring character in your ads or a catchphrase that’s always on display – little details like this can truly impact the overall brand and be appealing to potential customers! From this, you can put your recognizable characters in different situations to create a message for your customers, as seen here

It’s smart not to rush with this and not to experiment too much. Spend enough time developing the idea and finding the perfect elements that will contribute to your brand! 

Creative freedom

Branding opens also doors to other forms of creative outlets, so there’s no need to stop after creating a logo and a website! The possibilities are endless, especially when you consider today’s usage of social media and spreading information. Experimenting with different formats (both audio and visual) can be extremely lucrative. Animating short stories and turning them into an ad, filming skits, writing engaging blog posts – these are all ways to further your brand image and make it stronger. People love content, so even if your business isn’t in the creative field, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from creating something fun and engaging! Also, it’s good to keep up with trends and new forms of content creation. For example, TikTok and Instagram are great resources and can reach lots of people at the same time. Having diversity and using lots of mediums will only make your brand richer and more appealing to the general public so always think outside the box! 

People love eye candy

Even if people don’t want to admit this, they are more likely to choose a product if the brand image is appealing to the eye. It’s the first thing everyone will notice, so the first impression needs to be captivating. Sure, a beautiful website and a catchy logo are not the only things that will bring you success, but they are extremely valuable. Functionality is one thing, but keep in mind that branding is focused on the visual aspect of things as well, so creating an appealing look is a must if you want to make it on the market! High-end and luxury brands rely heavily on their aesthetics, which is a smart marketing tactic and works exceptionally well with customers. People love classic, aesthetically-pleasing packaging, logos, and websites; it’s just more preferable and looks more expensive than having a totally generic look. 

At the end of the day being creative and thinking outside the box is your best friend when creating a good brand. Many businesses become unnoticeable by customers with their weak branding, so instead of making this mistake, focus your resources and energy on creating the best brand image you can! Running a company is more than just selling products and offering services; by creating a brand image, you can do so many things with it and develop along the way. Who knows where this can lead your business in the long run!

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